HI! This is me playing ballade pour adeline. please subscribe it really helps me! thx! 😀 You could get the sheet music for free at www.abcmusic.net

Andere Anleitung finden?
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Joy Argoncillo says:

wonderful job!
how can i download/print out the music sheets? i’ve checked the link in the description but i’m such a noob (x please and thanks!

DivineLyn says:

im kelly botak and this is the best video everrrr!!! nice 1 lad

jenggopabrik says:

read the description. Subscribe! Thanks!

mgabriellecr says:

were can i get the sheet music!! i love these song and i can’t find it anywhere!! please help me

jenggopabrik says:

thanks alot lad. spill the beans!

0mec0 says:

Woow dude 😀 nice 😀
This song inspired me to teach myself playing the piano.. need to ask to get lessons though.. but this song was at the cremation ceremony of my grandmother and grandfather..

nice job 😀


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