A tiny Chihuahua named Paco managed to foil an armed robbery when he burst on to the scene yapping and barking at the gunmen. In this video we talk about Paco the brave Chihuahua and how he resembles RoboCop, Jack Bauer and how he now leads a new life as a vigilante cop! As always WorldOfTheOrange appreciates the Ol‘ Thumbs up! Subscribe! FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com Tumblr: www.luffwoto.tumblr.com WOTO www.youtube.com MMO: www.youtube.com NEWMUSIC: www.youtube.com Source Article: www.digitaljournal.com ————————— music by: Rob Barter – Track created for us and owned by us. ————————— Equipment: Canon 5D MKII Rode Stereo Mic After Effects CS5 Premiere CS5 Photoshop CS5 ————————— Tags: chihuahua foils armed robbery dog cute brave fearless amazing jack bauer robocop worldoftheorange moremoreorange orange more world of video film funny silly random shoot gun shot hero heroes guys comedy parody Premiere After Effects epischen lustige Komödie Parodie Effekte episk rolig komedi parodi effekter epische grappige komedie parodie effecten épiques drôle humour effets

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Samm Hickie says:

Brad’s impression of a chihuahua >

HunterSF101 says:

politically affended crime operator?

Bethan Mollington says:

Please Always Contact Orange?

randomlampost says:

Podgy Animal Crumpet Oblong 😀

Bunnyaimee says:

omg i was crying at the Dog edits XD then my dog barked at me…o,O

PACO – Powerful Angry Crazy Orange-Chihuahua

lovablemein3d says:

Paco is pronounces pah-co, it’s a mexican name

yoleoyo1995 says:

do more of this ,1/2 of my friend die laughing and the other 1/2 is still laughing after 2 hours

Danielle Kim says:

i actually love how much you guys laugh in your videos- it makes me want to laugh too.

BulletThroughMyHeart says:

Omg the first chihuahua picture nearly made me wet myself with laughter haha xD
You guys are genius‘

wiskishnip says:

2:40 my last name’s actually Bauer and throughout basically all of elementary school (primary school I think to you two) I was Annie Bow-wow-wower. Chihuahua, I feel your pain 🙁

shrimpp0123 says:


losam452 says:

i laughed so hard i cried X’D

alilitooki says:

Jack Bow Wow LOL

carrotsarepeopletoo says:

You did indeed make me laugh! 

minibubblesxox says:

yes you made me laugh xD like idk what it is about watching the two of you laugh together but it’s hilarious and then u actually do/say funny things so it’s just like doubly fantastical!!
and that dog is obviously trained by the CIA. PACO- Peace and Cooperation Official. Orrrr PACO-Problems Activated; create olives… whaat idk 😛

Kyrsten Athan says:

Lol love ur accents!

0000sensei says:

You guys think you’re really funny. You are. But still.

kirohtoli says:

Guys! Paco is really the unofficial name of the police in Chile XD!

JustJoshinMagic says:

The Chihuahua is secretly training to become the next Batman

UmmOkNoodles says:

It’s just fun to watch you guys crack each other up xP

sweetcracka96 says:

„Bastards! Get the fuck outta my convience store!“ hahaha(:

BoomslamK says:

I’m watching you from THAILAND!!! im not thai but I’m on holiday here and i have gone out of my way to find an internet cafe just to watch you guys!!!! 😀 <<<333

TheSchuchen says:

I cryed cause i laught soo hard 😀
Its so sad that your too old for me 😀
Your the best love ya :*

Rachydee499 says:

you guys crack me up!

arielellen says:

To be honest, I didn’t hear half of what was being said because the accents are so sexy. Hahah.

brewerks says:

The ans why they’re so freaking scared, is because they are Malays.

trickyjuive says:

paco…puppy taco.

randomeese says:

even if the joke isn’t funny, their laughs just make it :)

shannontrf says:

bow wow wow

Forgiven777333 says:

i love you two! and i love how funny you find each other its great

Briana Nicole says:

i like you two so much better thank the two from smosh. <3

Nicole Smith says:

i want your brad tshirt so bad for my brother (named brad).

Magykei says:

I love how much fun you have filming these videos, you always make me LOL

karmagirl74 says:

Hahah! It’s those bug eyes!! They’re crazy man!! I read an article once where an American police officer tasered a chihuahua 3 times before shooting it! WTF??!!!
I’m sure he could have just put his foot on it!! 😀

Sunahitsugi says:

liam and brad totally staged that robbery. got some random chihuahua to run after them. O

Claire Broadway says:

Occasionally when you guys laugh at yourself, your jokes cease to be funny.

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