A simple trick to download YouTube videos just by using VLC media player.( bit.ly Related : Tubbi Pokki — Browse YouTube Videos from Your Taskbar (bit.ly

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Nurul Hana says:

Hey! ThanX..

MrMinima86 says:

file is saved as „file“ so onto add mp4 so the full filename reads whatever your movie is etc.mp4

jishan22 says:

This is how to properly download a video:
1. You must use Linux such as Ubuntu
2. You must use the latest version
3. Follow the steps in the video

divakaneva says:

Thumbs Up!

bronantha says:

i love you

Ashok Kutty says:

when i am downloading it said started

Ashok Kutty says:

oh shit thanx man

Ashok Kutty says:

hey r u taking the format or ulr

Ashok Kutty says:

cmon dude

Ashok Kutty says:

dude i cant even understand what u r saying :[

animeserena says:

Oh my god, thank you!

Mohamed Mahmoud says:

I use a download addon for firefox

Vyom Richharia says:

how to do that on chrome

Toxxic88 says:

Thank you for this! Worked on a ~1 hour 30 minute classical music video!

InterTay says:

updating VLC player fixed that for me

zavaidok says:

thanks, but it doesn’t work. it says format not recognized.

Innolea says:

Artist:Tim Devine, Pete Masitti
Song:Easy 2
Album: ANW1387 – Rock, USA Rock

You can listen this track here- bit(dot)ly/JUQ019

Laura Palacios says:

awsome thank you. it works.

SabresonicClubUK says:

This was really useful, saved me loads of time looking for a simple solution, nothing to download as I already use VLC, I’ve read blogs where people have mentioned all sorts of malware they have found themselves with after downloading other solutions. Can’t thank you enough for posting this, spot on. Can’t believe some people have actually complained about what background music you’ve put on here…get a grip!

IiIwing says:

What song/band is playing in the background? Love their sound ;D

Innolea says:

Please, follow steps correctly. Watch video at 0:52. Or just add .mp4 at the end of file name like this : i.imgur(dot)com/xaiiQ.png

Killik watari says:

hey, i followed your instruction and exactly got my downloads in ‚file‘ format, it can play when i start it but i just cannot seem to convert it to mp4 format, any ideas?

charukrsnadasa says:

thanks will update and try agian.

Innolea says:

Close other apps that are running simultaneously and then try to download video.

Innolea says:

Just tested the trick on VLC 2.0.1(latest version) on a Windows 7 PC. Its working fine.

Innolea says:

Just tested the trick on VLC 2.0.1(latest version) on a Windows 7 PC. Its working fine. You may have old version of VLC or Multitasking issue (so close other apps and try).

Shubham Gaikwad says:

Best to download youTube Videos..nice..
No Big Deal.
Just Simple..no downloader Required thats nice 🙂

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