Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the world’s No. 2 and No.1 tennis players, are arch rivals on the courts, but friends outside of the courts. During the shooting of the promotion video for „The Match for Africa“ they had loads of fun. More information about „The Match for Africa“ on

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charlostylo3 says:


tragger17 says:

federer is laughing bout rafa´s english 😀

Tenis Zlín says:

Po dvou letech pořád super!!!
No matter that it is two years ago, it is still fantastic!!

anonymoust65 says:

00:32 Roger Disappears like a ninja from laughing too much.


‚Whaadaya gonna give me?’ LOL

Greatest players to ever grace the game. Appreciate them while they are here.

silviuadrian59 says:

2 very good friends

Mariana Fernandez says:

Estoy sudando como una bestia Dios ahahahahahahahah ay rafa

Mariana Fernandez says:

So rafa what are you gonna get me for Christmas? You know what i will come to adjkakdajhdgdagagdadh hahahahhahahahahahhahahah LOOOOL

Tonykiwanful says:

He’s literally laughing at rafa’s accent in his face!! Federer is the man!

Federico Sposito says:

„This is gonna be good, I tell you“

Kari Sakuma Federer says:

Federer: So, Rafa, do you… pfffff XD hahahaha

DiveIntoTheAbyss says:

Federer’s laugh at 1:59 is hilarious!!

dumitrualex1 says:

federer is crazy

Agiular23 says:


ElectricRaptor says:

I’m a Federer Fan but I miss Rafa on tour, I hope their rivalry continues next year.

sinisa magazin says:

0:47 is the best

sinisa magazin says:

2:24 federer,,He gives the looks,,xD

Rodrigo Avendaño García says:

He means their weak arms are a lot smaller than their strong arms. In Roger’s case, his right arm is bigger, and for Rafa it’s the left.

iBlackphone says:

Nadal’s arm skinny? LOL

Taphito says:

i can’t go to sleep until i’ve seen this video 10 times every day

Subita Wattal says:


strawhat011 says:

1:12 what do you gay?=)))

JJVC61 says:

140 poor souls don’t like laughing

fanofmany71 says:

Fun video!

farruch lucas says:

So Rafa … :laught:

sgtthriller says:

Look at the middle of the screen, Roger’s left arm and Rafa’s right arm are so skinny – it’s kinda freeaakky

jojojo12ism says:

so funny

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