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Andere Anleitung finden?
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michael morlando says:

OMG! it’s the Great Mighty Poo from Conker’s Bad Fur Day!

IsaiahTDavidsonTV says:

a poop monster

Rutrend says:

We all do.

TomatQKinG111 says:

My girlfriend says, its too bad the Toilet Monster isn’t animatronic are she’d be in the bathroom all the time.

vrobx says:

That is how you scare the piss outta somebody.

gtaroblox101 says:

so no wonder why he stashed it when he ran out

abemotorsports says:

the monster reminds me to Slimer from Ghostbusters

Theworldking100 says:

So Lou?

Vladimir makarov says:

lotsa people

gtaroblox101 says:

Ive heard of them and seen them (there is one where a kid gets hit by a mower)

gtaroblox101 says:

even a turd

gtaroblox101 says:

*puts bedtime intruder over kid and pees himself and goes into parents room* AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

69Ford429 says:

That’ll teach his ass to not pee with the toilet seat down. Because he only lifted the lid up

friedchicken1981 says:

gosh i hate when that happens to me..

RappyTheDinoSEEr says:

You’re right! That was really lou!

josephpschuster says:

Well, if he had to pee before, he doesn’t have to now!

android17dbz says:

But it only wanted a hug D:

karrasfather says:

The word was supposed to be „Loud.“

dubstepmaster555 says:

who is lou,and why did he scream his name?

Karlui2006 says:

stupid fucking you siri i fuck you

marininorex says:


imadethismyselff says:

That will tea him not to piss with the seat down.

Nick K says:

I sometimes do when i gotta go reely bad and i forget to close it

adidas gaitan says:

It was funny imean it

Gore Fest says:

Most men

MsKissmeXD says:

Little kids .. ?

1marcelfilms says:

my dad

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