In this video I will show you how to download the closed captions (or subtitles) from a YouTube video. The website is: Sorry for the mistakes, I was nervous while I was recording this since this is the first time I’ve done something like that. And yes, I know, my voice sucks.

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daniel campos says:


msegerslakeland says:

Javascript is enabled on my browser. The first time I went to your page a few months ago, it worked. But, since then, it doesn’t – not even on this video or the one you show with sample closed captions.

wx331 says:

Not working anymore.

thenxtbillionaire says:

this works

puggysoo says:

Doesn’t work


y i can’t do like u teach???

Alfonso Christoforus says:

yeah…it doesn’t work

Maitha Shar says:

its doesn’t work for me either,i tried hundred times already…

RikudoNaruto10 says:

wats going on stonos22 why isn’t it working?

RikudoNaruto10 says:

same here

gokurat111 says:

„Google2SRT“ & „Youtube SRT Downloader 1.0“ both of these work perfect, thanks Geraldo Filho and Le Thuc for the suggestion 🙂

xabaras says:

great video. Thanks for uploading.

ihaan rana says:

fuck you man, your voice and sounds of english sucks.must be russian lolz.

mujdat1001 says:

ıf you are using mozilla then there is an add-ons “ youtube caption downloader“ available
just go to

DrFrank1e says:

ποσο παιζει να βγαζει ματι η ελληνικη προφορα… 😛

hedgehog5ful says:

I found only the machine subs could be d’loaded. For example, in this vid the default captions are the (correct)ones the author has transcribed, but using the web app i could only d’load the auto-generated ones (80%wrong as always). Problem solved now: Youtube srt downloader to export the srt file (thx, DINGSHU); then used Subtitle Edit (freeware) to open srt, select File, Export, As PlainText.

Maneshman says:

No need to download, use this one it’s a web based free app: „goo. gl/7SS4Y“ (remove the blank space between „goo. gl“)

cragg07 says:

same here has there been a solution suggested?

Le Thuc says:

Go to google and search for this software: „Youtube SRT Downloader 1.0“ It is easier and faster

john pearson says:

Hey I found a web-based application that does the job well >> goo. gl/JErul

myidentity222 says:

not working…

Mee Lee says:

Hi Guys, I use 4K Video Downloader to download CC and video from YouTube

tubo1812 says:

It does not work.

Latingent50 says:

Your voice is just fine, dude. But you need to work on 2 things: One is try and not clear your throat while on the microphone, and two, the most important, you need to work hard on improving your English pronunciation, man. I don’t mean to disrespect you, but frankly, if it wasn’t for the captions on your video, I wouldn’t have been able to understand a single word you were saying, I had to turn the sound off and just read the captions. Sorry 🙁 Otherwise, Good job!

Latingent50 says:

I’m having some trouble since once I’ve pasted the video’s URL in the box and clicked on the button, nothing happened. The option to select the subtitles track won’t open. I clicked the button again, waited, (several times) and still nothing opened. What can I do now?

Ahmed El-Desokey says:

Thank U man ….That worked for me

and Thanks For the Guy who Wrote The Java Code :D

Geraldo Filho says:

Hey guys i found new way to get CC check out>> google2srt.sourceforge. net/en/ download .html

neuralvibes says:

Not sure, but I think this plugin simply doesn’t work anymore with transcribed captions/subtitles. It still does seem to work alright with custom-made captions/subtitles. Check my other recent response for a „work-around“, to cut it short you can download the video and upload it to your own account then let Youtube generate transcribedd captions, which you can download and convert to SRT using Google2SRT. Like I said in my other response, it’s not an ideal solution but it’s better than nothing.

neuralvibes says:

Regarding #4, if it says „Disabled tracks / Unable to generate automatic captions“, don’t panic. At most a few hours later, it should present you with a text saying something like „Active tracks / English – Machine transcript“. Clicking on „English – Machine Transcript“ in this example, gives you a download button for the SBV file, which the Google2SRT script can convert to an SRT file.

neuralvibes says:

What the described method will give you is merely the „raw“ Youtube machine transcript for the video. It won’t give you any custom-made or edited captions/subtitles. However, the plugin on this video seems to still work for most custom-made captions/subtitles. It doesn’t work for transcribed captions/subtitles, so this method will complement this script nicely for videos which only use transcribed captions/subtitles. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will at least give you a raw transcript…

neuralvibes says:

Here’s a work-around:

1) Download the YT video with a program/plugin (e.g. the FF plugin „DownloadHelper“).

2) Upload the video onto your YT account, change it from „Public“ to „Private“, to avoid copyright issues.

3) Go to „Video Manager“, click on the arrow after „Edit“ on the video and select „Captions“.

4) If there’s no track listed under „Active tracks“, check again later. If there’s a track, click on it and select „Download“.

5) Convert it to SRT using Google2SRT [ / 435Gj ].

Raymond Yang says:

doesnt work dude.

xenia31479 says:

download this: sourceforge[.]net/projects/google2srt it literally saved me and i found it accidentally xD

hoangnhanbt2 says:

when i used in january 2012, it worked with all caption/transcript, just like in the clip. But now nothing happen, I think that when you upgrade your script, something wrong, please fix it or make an earlier script available

jofilho2007 says:

Easy like this: doesn’t work for me!

GorgeousGeorge108 says:


lenenne says:

@neuralvibes: Fine. In the beginning of the py code there is a comment:

NB: to get google’s transcript, use tihs URL:

When I do that I get an XML file. Does not that contain the same information?

neuralvibes says:

BTW, you don’t even need to run that Python code that I linked to for the conversion, you can simply paste the contents of a Youtube caption/transcript file onto the below web page, click the button and get an SRT version: / 9rjkHE (remove spaces from address)

Still, the problem remains to figure out the new addresses for these transcript files in order to get hold of them…

neuralvibes says:

Forgot to say that the very last timestamp wouldn’t have a follow-up referene, but that could be fixed by simply adding a large enough number (10s or so), the subtitles will end either way when the video itself ends.

neuralvibes says:

Doesn’t work for me either, it’s obviously outdated.

One solution would be to copy the whole text inside the transcript box and manipulate it for SRT-compliance. The transcript includes rough start-times (in s) but lacks end-times, so for two consecutive timestamps 0:05 and 0:10 one could rewrite the first as „00:00:0[[5]],000 –> 00:00:[[10-1=9]],900“. Zero-padding and generic ms markers would thus be added as well as the mandatory blank and enumerated rows. Could RegEx or Excel maybe do this?

Sword Expatriate says:

Same here 🙁

Milo Lam says:

doesn’t work anymore, sadly, my IP is located in china, so i cannot use google2srt either, it grabbed nothing, what can i say

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