How to download Youtube video with Safari 6 (on Lion) Since I switched to Safari 6 from Safari 5 and the Activity Window disappeared I’ve ben having the promplem of downloading Youtube videos. I’ve search video on YouTube but nothing so I just decided to go around google and found these great Information! 1- Open Terminal 2- digit: defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1 and press [ENTER] 3- Open Safari 6 4- Go to „Debug Menu / Show Page Source“ 5- The file in the folder „Others“ is the video we want to download, [ALT + double-click] the file 6- In the new Window go in the Browser Bar (Adress Bar) and press [ALT + ENTER] 7- Download will start 8- To hide „Debug Menu“ go to „Safari / Preferences / Advanced / Show Debug Menu“ Please if you like and find useful this tutorial click „Like“ :)) Produced by Bettina Pfister

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Zec Cby says:

Try to google „“
It can download youtube videos by entering video url.
No limits and totally free.

Michael Attard says:

Thanks its been working fine till to night when l press ALT + Enter its not downloading any more l have tried to go to other sites but still want download it has been working for the last 3 months heaps

Steve Sheridan says:

In step 6, after placing the cursor at the end of the browser address field (and it will be long), press OPT + ENTER (equivalent of ALT + ENTER in her instructions)

Lordchaos991 says:

I hate that accent so much that I want to kill you instantly.

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TheStressedEric says:

Excellent. This works a treat! Thanks

Vince Sterling says:

YES!!!!! this worked perfectly! thank you so much. By the way, your english is fantastic!

Emdad Rashid says:

I’ve just found a way to solve the problem of some users. The problem lies with some videos playing in HTML 5 and some in Flash. The solution detailed in this video works for HTML 5 but not for videos played in the original Flash player.For the later just download ClickToPlugin & ClickToFlash from here

It’s even easier than it was with the Activity Window, just right click on the video and select ‚Download Video‘

NOTE Only works 4 FLASH

Emdad Rashid says:

Thank you ever so much, I have been looking to find out how to do this for months!!!! BTW you’re English is great.

tushar chaudhary says:

it works but few times when the new window opens it just has safari in it nothing else ….. y don’t it works the same ??

Sasha Jovanovic says:

thank you, very easy to follow instructions, and your English is perfect.

psgouros says:

your english is delightful and it works perfectly. thank you.

kazuya14 says:

thanks a lot.

Natalia Saavedra says:

Thanks so much! I had to figure out how to get the develop tab first but after that it was not a problem to download the videos


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mohamed wagih says:


james77se7en says:

You are the best! Thank you for teaching me~!

gh51 says:

Thank you!

NumberDZ says:

I LOVE YOU!!… I’m using Safari 6.0.2 It worked

kenarai1988 says:

It is my understanding YouTube server now refuse all the voluntary access to video files. I dont think it is possible unless you hack in their server.

Ammon6 says:

Grande!! Bella l’animazione che hai fatto!
Grazie non me lo ricordavo più.
By the way your english is perfectly understandable.

nickknell1 says:

i love the sound of your voice- video good too! Ciao!

Mark Allan says:

I dont understand what you are doing with the terminal.

Christian Sperling says:

Hey, good video. But unfortunatly it doesn’t work. It did all the thinks you mentioned, but in the „Others“ folder there appear a looot of files, also a lot of video playback files. Not only one as in your video. I tried them all, but always a new, but empty windows opens. There is now file in the Others folder that contains the video when alt+double left click. I’d be great if you can help.

All the best!

rafaelbless de sousa says:

Thanks… Its work now!! Great!!

rafaelbless de sousa says:

Hi, I try do that, but the folder OTHERS, not appear.
I did everything, including the code in terminal.
You can help me?

funkylem says:

Your English is terrific! I wish I could speak a second language that fluently.

Thank you so much for uploading this! The issue was driving me crazy so I’m so happy to be able to download youtube videos again now, thanks to you!

Heath Latter says:

your english was fine and your explanation great. Thankyou.
il tuo inglese era soddisfacente e la tua spiegazione è stata utile grazie

pippodota says:


bparchdesign says:

mmmmh i don’t know what are you doing wrong..write me the video url you wanna download and I can try to figure out

bparchdesign says:

.flv is youtube extension so is it right! just use vlc (the best video player ever), it open every kind of video, it’s freeware

bparchdesign says:

vlc is freeware video player for mac and windows and should recognize .flv

SrTeamPLATINUM says:

this is what im getting after i download it and try to play the video
The document „videoplayback.flv“ could not be opened. The movie’s file format isn’t recognized.

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