This is a very simple way to get youtube songs onto Itunes, and you can easily download them onto to you Ipod as well. Here is a link to the site:

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xDarkTrinityx says:

Hate to tell you, you don’t need to be a computer geek to figure this out.

88tenny says:

tks! very helpfull



Erin Williams says:


uagiantsfanright says:

I’m glad I could help! Thanks for the positive feedback!

AngelSupreme98 says:

Thank u so much for this video. It was veryhelpful and it perfectly worked :)))

TheLifeItself4Ever says:

The video title is about download and the video itself is about conversion!!! can you delete your too bad video from YouTube? And you must know that you must delete yourself from all life fully.

MissKLK0629 says:

Thanks for uploading. This was very helpful, and easy to follow! :)

Alberto Peralta says:

but he’s right.. read your title “How to download youtube videos to iTunes/iPod (easy and fast)“.. your title should be how to convert youtube videos into mp3.. i just wasted time on another untreated severely ADD computer geek who cannot communicate properly….

Anita G says:

dam.. k.o.. for some reason i enjoy reading comments its hilarious when someone speaks back..

uagiantsfanright says:

LOLZ you’ve commented the same exact thing on 10 other videos. Come up with more creative stuff before you talk crap you ADD dummy.

999Patriots says:

Once again another untreated severely ADD computer geek who cannot communicate properly.

QueenOfLyrics4ever says:

thank youuuuuu!!!!!! <33

johnwhi9 says:

at the end the guy says it should play the song… wtf im trying to get the video jerk!

Samantha allen says:

Do you know why the new version wont pop up on the bottom?

theAlexLikesThings says:

Thanks so much!

Mark Bollok says:

hey thanks alot, this has been real helpful

Selam Woldai says:

it wont convert to a video only a song wth

ininjakevin says:

umm i want video ty…

shutupikillu1 says:

for those ppl that cant drag mp3 into itunes just search it up in your itunes it should already be ther otherwisee idk wut to do (0_0)

murtada42 says:

@BonesBelts then download video downloader from app store

murtada42 says:

@enswaggboyz why being such a rasist

CriminalPancake says:

takes a LOT longer to convert now…

enswaggboyz says:

thanks nigga this shit helped me so much 

cugglester says:

thank you

Natalie Valle says:

but what if i want to like watch the video and not just listen to it? like if its an episode of a show or something..? please reply!

Cutiekukay18 says:


Kelly G says:


nyk010101 says:


NiceWatchMiss says:

Or you can just go to google. type in „Youtube by Click“ download and have easy fun. When you wanna listen to it in itunes then right click the download and press „open in folder“ then „open with“, then press „itunes“.

haloswartwood says:

holy f-ing god your a saint :)))))))))))

litolemack says:

yes becuse youtube know put a download bar wich dose the same thing as this just it is a direct download becuse if you look closly it is the same download type

Jiler2421 says:

This is just for songs not for videos

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