– Nostrie Tiempo from music album River of Soul by Marcome. ♥ A Sacred place, an ancient spiritual ritual, the shaman, the high priestess,or high priest the tribe is gathered, the cult is ready. Now, free your body, free your spirit. Now, you’re able to move in the circle of the sacred ritual of the River of Soul. Sending love your way, Marcomé ♥ My gratitude for those Amazing images from Texas. Production of this video by Duke at: Technical: Shot with a Canon XL-A1 and HV30 and the stills with a Canon 50d ☛Marcome is a Canadian singer songwriter & musician. Her music a mixture of pop world music mixed with new age, jazz & ambient voices. Her name is pronounced Marko-may. ❀ Come and get your free relaxing music at ❀ Kostenlos musik downloaden ❀ 音楽 ダウンロード ❀ Télécharger musique gratuite: ❀ Musica gratis

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Magnolia Emme says:

secondo me questa e‘ la piu‘ bella in assoluto…..perche‘ non provi a remixarla?? sarebbe davvero bello…..:)

MsNessalopez says:

This was a great video. If anyone is interested, I am looking for friends to help test a new set of meditation exercises online. Please message me if you’d be willing to help out and I will send you the private link. Thanks!

GoodWhispers says:


AutumnsEcho says:

I just would like to send this pretty song up to our Dear Heavenly Father… thank you. 🙂 amen.

munner2010 says:

Every „Blue Moon“ you find someone who seems to sing to your Heart and Soul. Marcome is that „someone“ for me!!

MrTheTayfaloji says:

çok hoş son seste bile çok sessizlik veren bir müzik

Theresia Swiebel says:

Excellent! The video with this song.Perfect!

Magnolia Emme says:

spero tanto rifarai un pezzo come questo…e‘ fantastico…lo ascolto ogni sera….e i ricordi tornano al presente…grazie…Magnolia.

TheRedAnthem says:

Marcome your music is very powerful, TY I can feel it from your heart. All your songs they first hit me in the crown chakra then, I can feel energy flowing around me. Amazing..So far I love all your songs, this one my favorite so far.. Also I love this video, the colors in the kites were helping with the chakras….TY.

Theresia Swiebel says:

I love your songs and videos Marcome.!It,s always perfect!

vilijemk says:

amazing, thank You,

bigcoolviking says:

The music is beautifull i found all the kites and the crowds of people a bit busy and slightly innapropriate, I feel nature and sunsets, landscapes, sea scapes etc would have been more visually soothing and fitting!

satothequeen says:

One only word… MAGNIFICENT !!!
Many thanks for this wonderful creation.
Much love,

LaurentziuRo says:

Divine !
I am really speachless !

Ericksantana6 says:

Wonderful song !! Most beautiful melody !!! ***** Thank you very much Marcomé, I love so much your beautiful songs to relax ! Peace & Love !!

sharavoice says:


LemonOdette says:

thanks. 😀

i dunno why but it’s raining outside now and i feel it adds to the beautiful haunting of this music and the kites. keep expecting it to rain in the video. 😀 it’s really nice. this song is like rain, it’s beautiful but makes me a bit sad.

BocaFriend says:

Well said, Odette!

LemonOdette says:

yes the voice melts into the sound. :D

LemonOdette says:

it’s not cheap, it’s priceless!

LemonOdette says:

this is crazy! great video. amazingly beautiful. the swan in 3:48 is beautiful.

Laurentziu Rosu says:

Wonderful !
Wonderful music

MrGanganagar says:


Magnolia Emme says:

la mia preferita…..davvero stupenda….

bernard gibson says:

Such a Beautiful Song and wonderful Video Thanks*****

yvesgiguere says:

bonjour,tres beau montage et la voix est tres belle et ont as vraiment le gout de ce laisser aller tres heureux d etre abonne a votre chaine

BlackWWidow says:

Simply wonderful edition and music ,congratulations dear ,love ,Sofia.

deepdivemouse says:

This is so great!

SoaringEleven says:

this is a FANTASTIC video. – BRAVO! =)

BocaFriend says:

This is really a lovely encounter of sight and sound. It is so rare to find a fine vocalist
whose instrument traverses the range of gentle diffuse ambiance to absolute stunning
clarity. To do so without jarring the listener from the reverie is amazing. Marco’mazing!
Best wishes from Florida, ~Terry

Rab Adamson says:

Beautiful resonance for my heart to dance
Hugs from my heart
Loving you and all you do is Magic
Rab x

gluups says:

Comme c’est beau et reposant

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