This is an absolutely mindless video! I just took some of the parts which always make me smile!! Unfortunately I had to leave out a lot of funny stuff, because otherwise the video would have been to long. I hope you still enjoy! If you want more, watch my TH Documentary and WTF is TH! These ones even have a sense 😉 The German parts are translated, of course. Please comment and rate. Thx! I used the following Interviews: 2009 09 03 VIVA Live Twins Interview 2009 09 04 Tokio Hotel Interviews 2009 09 22 – Bill und Tom ueber sich selbst lachen DVD Caught On Camera Tokio Hotel TV VIVA La Tokio Hotel TH TV – Humanoid Cover Shooting Part 1 (2009 09 11) Tokio Hotel TV Episode 3 MSN Starlounge Tokio Hotel mtv Buzzworthy Interviews 2009 09 03 Nrj Radio France Tokio Hotel Raise Hell In Their Hotel In Madrid ~~~~ Disclaimer: I do not own anything not even the TH-guys. What a pity! 😉

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3:59 – 4:10 how silent bill laughs 😀

Catzz CK says:

can I just say that a tour naked would be amaxing? I mean… I would totally go!

oSaliorPluto says:

Bill’s so sexy with the tank top on.

Darksideofthesun1234 says:

Tom with the fork XD. My favorite part.

Ally P says:

8:02…. you are twins o.O =))

Ally P says:

sooo cute :o3 :))

Darksideofthesun1234 says:

No you’re not the only one XD

orangeharmony907 says:

Gustav speaks…

JBiloveyou321 says:

ich kanns auch kaum erwarten 🙂
ich komm aus bremen und du? 😉

JBiloveyou321 says:

ich kanns auch kaum erwarten 🙂
ich komm aus bremen und du? 😉

Hülyaa Kaulitz says:

Is Bill A Virgin Or Not…??

Deanne Bueno says:

Gustav: uhmm I would choose Bill <3
Bill: *doesn't believe in what he says* You would choose me?
Gustav: he's everything for me.. <3

Am I the only one being all giddy with these lines?!

theTijana1 says:

8:04 what interview was that??

MsSuperSimone says:

„How do they call that..? Kakerlaken?!“ „Do you mean cockroaches?“ „YESS!“

62Manhattan says:

Ja ich bin aus Deutschland! :)) Hab ich von gehört kann es kaum erwarten! wo wohnst du denn? 🙂

Hülyaa Kaulitz says:

9:23 =

Gustav: Ehmm…mm

Bill: Gustav!



JBiloveyou321 says:

Bist du aus Deutschland? 🙂 bald gibt es ein neues Album von ihnen *-*

Natori Starr says:

Naked Tour? Hmmmm Ideas! Lol

sasha cruz says:

bill from 6:10 to 6:20..omg soooooooo cute..bill i love UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

62Manhattan says:

Haha sooo cute. :‘) I miss them. :( I hope they give a concert in germany one day again!

iMUSICloveFOREVERyou says:

I love how the couldn’t say cockroaches and sleeping bags XDD

MariaMolinaVEVO says:

3:46 Bill:“Wow“ *.* so sexy

abiisteintraumer says:

Bill: Twenty little… cock.
xD! 6:15

Lexie Gast says:


ThePoiDogster says:

interveiwer: if each of you were a vampire and you could bite one person to live forever who would it be?
Bill: uhm I think it would have to be Tom

MissMariaPotter says:

0:31 that ‚uhm‘ soun *o*

Lexi Spencer says:

1:36 i would be very pleased to see you perform naked… *pictures him singing dont jump while naked* yes,yes i would

Angiilea says:

The vampire Question ♥
Bill choose Tom
Gus‘ choose Bill ♥

German Vkillin says:

„Third ass cheek,“lmao!

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