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bullduff says:

omg! Love it♥ beauty song and pics, just amazing! n_n
Good work madame

Magnolia Emme says:


TheBluelilies says:

Dear Macrome your beautiful music
is marvellous, if we little artist have only  a bit more
honor this would be great. Hugs your Friend Ralf

LaurentziuRo says:

Great music !

Magnolia Emme says:

tutte stupende!!!!!complimenti…apprezzo moltissimo la tua musica….un abbraccio…Magnolia.

worldinsideaworld says:

very nice music and visuals :)))

Maryluna2010ful says:

Am I in heaven? lol 😉 Dear Marcomé… always wonderful!!!
Thanks for your great music and energy!
God bless you!

MsDeepestmind says:

Total schön 🙂

Murn Miller says:

Nice! Very nice indeed!

kiwirobin says:

I can’t Twitter you any LuV…
But here’s a youtube Hug…

Thanks for your healing vibes…

Kia kaha, Aroha…

xanglat says:

J’aime votre façon de créer et de jouer avec les ralentis !
Belle chanson fort bien retravaillé, remixée ou réochestrée !
Beautiful voices !
M E R C I pour votre apport des plus recherchés et beau !

judyesther says:

Very nice song and great video.
Have a great weekend,

judyesther says:

Great song and video.

Kingsofdabeatz says:

cool – knowing that you are a twitter freak – but twitter does not deserve such beautiful sound

TexasHighDef says:

Beautifully done!! Great song and video combo!! Duke

Gunnar Lian says:

Very beautiful made, and so nice to watch and hear.

rzer1000 says:

love it!

aerostockians says:


atmospheres2dream says:

beautiful tunes….

coman4ero says:

Beautiful !
Very !

Let There Be LIGHT !
& a Lot of SUN & Happiness !
Upon you, to All & Forever !
( : – )

keanghiero says:

I like it
All the best


That was wonderful and so very moving and beautiful.

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