Liam and Brad answer Alex Day’s 2011 Survey. It’s a bit long winded but hopefully interesting! BRAD’S TWITTER: LIAM’S TWITTER: Jess‘ Channel: 2011 survey questions (as always, responses welcome): 1) Tell us about your first kiss 2) What is the most expensive casual item of clothing you’ve ever bought? 3) What was the first job you ever wanted as a kid? 4) Tell us about your group of school friends 5) What would you name your kids? and 6) Who do you want to answer the survey next? T-SHIRTS: As always WorldOfTheOrange appreciates the Ol‘ Thumbs up! Subscribe! Our Main Channel: FACEBOOK: Tumblr: MMO WOTO NEW MUSIC: BLOGTV: ————————— Equipment: Canon 5D MKII Rode Stereo Mic After Effects CS5 Premiere CS5 Photoshop CS5 ————————— Tags: WOTO Answers Nerimon Survey 2011 flat cat face FlatFaceGame FlatFace CatFace WorldOfTheOrange MoreMoreOrange video film funny silly random woto army guys comedy parody VFX special effects CGI Premiere After Effects epischen lustige Komödie Parodie Effekte episk rolig komedi parodi effekter epische grappige komedie parodie effecten épiques drôle parodie humour effets

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Agmolly says:

Ok you suck haha that was like the most attractive thing he has ever done:D (sidestory- I know a seven year old named Jessica)

Evonne Tong says:

sadly as the second born child, my mother actually nick named me „two“…

hopawaylittlebunny says:

wooooaaah, they totally do…weird.

OhHelloSorry says:

I want to see one of your English essays so bad!

missajessa says:

this is awesome when your name is Jessica 😉

sydandtaytum says:

the english essay story is pretty badass…and i think a good indication of being a badass in life. i wish i had that sort of confidence to go so far against the grain. hopefully i’ll remember that story and it will inspire me.

MissSlideyy says:


Kit Tennant says:

My english teacher would just fail anyone who did that.

infinityandbeyonddd says:

oh my god thats me in a nutshell hahaha youre spot on kind stranger

Camille Triolo says:

I sense an OCD orginizational brain :)

infinityandbeyonddd says:

your eyes kinda match your shirts

cloiebaby74 says:

Just now realized this was uploaded on my Birthday, whoot whoot.

specialfred1101 says:

Jess closed her YouTube account… I will never know if her first kiss was as good as that…

siobhan9916 says:

My mum thinks my birthday is on the 1st on November, my birthday is in june…

sugaplumsunshine says:

brad is hot, liam got hotter with the jacket 😉 haha

SkywardSparks says:

Our class president’s name is First Born…

GorgeousDougie says:

My dad wanted to call me Six!!!!

DontBeSoMeanToMe says:

on the subject of Two… my friends dad has a cat called Three xD

ziscyman says:

did they put the video up 

I'mOnlyHere ForTheParsnip says:

I just lost the game.
Amazing video though!

Flowapowa96 says:

No. I know nine year olds who know what a VHS is.

Audrey1700 says:

The bit about CookingWithJess’s made-up first kiss made me laugh so hard I cried! You guys are comedic gold.

MsEmmyD says:

Ralph and Penelope WOTO hahahahXD

MissCaraMint says:

No. Remembering using one on the other hand…

Jennie Spencer says:

i wanted to be a ballerina

stephmufffin says:

hey! my birthday too! 🙂

SiindaaayBayBay says:

whoa this was posted on my birthday. this pleases me 🙂

Sarah Watson says:

Sarah for your child’s name? Win 😀

MsEmmyD says:

Please release one of your ‚essays‘ xD

isabelle roden says:

liam looks like a cat

HKeasy8 says:

Thu, pronounced two, is a popular Vietnamese girls name 🙂

deathbyjellybabies says:

My name’s Jess which made the end so funny but a bit awkward :’D

theartis4me says:

hahaha the inside joke was that the sock belong to liam lol just joshing you anywho keep up your shows my sides burst with laughter like a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

acreativealias says:

shock box….bahaha

Sarah Porter says:

thank you for saying my name is girly, sincerely, thank you, that made my day

shabamflam says:

i definitely must try that video essay trick

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