es-sen-tial : 1. Something fundamental. 2. Something necessary or indispensable. There are many basic things that we need to survive, like food or medical treatment. But the most important thing, the one thing we all couldn’t live without, is love. Like the lyrics say: ‚It’s not about your scars, it’s all about your heart.‘ It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been hurt, as long as you still have the courage to love. In my video, Futaba & Mabushi are friends who fall in love with each other over the time. The story is told from her POV & I decided to show their love like an everyday-fairytale. Because that’s what love is. Often unexpected or unbelievable, but essential to all of us. _____________________ Weeell, hello there xD after over one month of crapiness, you finally get to see something decent from me ;D I put so much energy in this video (that’s also the reason, why I’m so tired xD) & I love, love, love the outcome 🙂 I rarely like what I upload, but this is like a piece of my heart put into a video 🙂 sounds cheesy, I know xD But I loved the song the first time I heard it & then there was no way to stop me 😀 Anyways, this is dedicated to Vee (VeeShaped)! She is the first person I talked to on here & we’ve been friends ever since! 😉 Ich bin so froh dich getroffen zu haben, du bringst mich einfach immer wieder zum lachen 🙂 & jetzt hast du mir ja schon 2!! videos gewidmet, da musste ja was ganz besonderes für dich kommen 🙂 -quetsch- 🙂 Sub & talk to the

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EbrilBlack says:

Just too beatiful !

xShate says:

cute *^*

o3rawwrrrluu says:

i was about do die of tears of happiness watching this;o;
its so adorable & it gave me goosebumps!
i love this manga;thank you♥

mysticalmists says:

I’ve just read Ao Haru Ride now, and this is even more beautiful now that I know the plot ;A; I AM SO MAKING A VIDEO WITH THIS SERIES AFTER MY EXAMS DAMN IT!!!! <33 YOU ARE AMAZING FIIIIIIIIIIII!!

ItsRainingClocks says:

Omg, that calendar part was soooo cute!

Hit0mi84 says:

This work is beautiful! Thank you! *-*

MIKA19964 says:

Es Hermoso !!! ♥ 😀

AniMeg4321 says:

Ohmahgosh!! I love the ‚held captive‘ part. Soooo fiiitttiiiinnnggg!! *o*

PanfiRocks says:

this is just.. OMG I LOVE IT ;_______; <3

xSnowflakes1515 says:

Aaah after catching up to Ao haru ride I thought I’d rewatch this*^* still so gorgeous.

TheBearAMV says:

This was fucking beautiful like the painting use and this and that other thing and this was so creative and innovative and sweet and beautiful and i died inside :‘ D gr8 job! i always love ur voicee

dbzrox4eva says:

The video just oozes adorable! Love it! Love it! And of course Ao Haru Ride too! My fav manga currently. 🙂

magububu says:

OH WOW!! This is a piece of art!!! IM SPEECHLESS BY ITS BEAUTY…
and I havent been reading mangas for years, but now I think I want to read this one <3 & that white flowers overlay... did you made it?! *A*

Rin05 says:


NunaLovesNyavericks says:

haha the stars are soo cute all like :“what brighter ?! no waay!“ xD
great video btw it got me smiling all the time I was watching it 🙂

RoseWillowstone says:

I have a feeling that in the manga this may happen *-* lol but great video 😉

11223344556677889934 says:

Ao Haru Ride

Mechakittylove says:

whats the manga called ?

Louvitaines says:

aww, cute. ;qqqqq

lizuchiha343 says:

what is this song called?

MsLillyfee says:

Ich liebe den Manga, ich liebe das Lied, ich liebe dein Video 😉
Könnte immer wieder heulen, wenn ich sowas Schönes sehe!

CherrieCupcakex says:

BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did a FANTASTIC job!! <3 this vid soo much!!! xD

Septiana Atika says:


Hiruriru says:

I love this manga.

iLuvAmuto says:

So cute!!! I really loved the calender part :‘]

Myuux2 says:

i’m speechless.. must be the best ao haru ride video ive ever seen.. you are a amazing editor o_o!

xxEnchantedStarxx says:

This left me speechless ! It’s so amazing and createfull ! I love it ! <3

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