Marcomé’s Chillout Music World Song Yeku from Seven Seas and more at ♥ A stroll through the hardwoods at the tip of fall with the talented voice of Marcome. Video kindly produced by Video Producer and Nature Photographer Dan Bishop. ♥ Discover more of Dan Bishop’s artworks: ❀ 音楽 ダウンロード ❀ Kostenlos musik downloaden ❀ Musica gratis

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choc1and1vanilla says:

Aww thankyou 🙂

Marcome Marcomé says:

Sending you a gratitude hug! May the Angels of passion and freedom pay you a visit more often! love, Marcomé

choc1and1vanilla says:

Is it okay to use this for my video? It’s really beautiful ^^

deliteinmee says:


magdalensilvestra says:

This is lovely – beautiful video ♥

southport97 says:

I have this in my digital picture frame playing in my office along with other similar songs, but people always ask me what the name of this one is.

Yanani1000 says:

Natural magic sound…Great!!!

frederickforlife says:

<3  =]

LaurentziuRo2010 says:


yvesgiguere says:

vraiment un delice pour les oreilles vous avez une tres belle voix

MorgantownWV1 says:

Very nice and soothing! ( :

mikilavush says:

In this world only the absolute music of the sheep of God`s kingdom, who by God are hidden on the meadows of goats, can perfectly correspond to the sweetness and glory of God`s works and the majesty of God`s omnipresence.
Matt.6:33; Mark 10:29,30; Rom.14:17

dmitry852008 says:

Beautiful video

Tintalasia says:

Beautiful. I live in a concrete jungle with a population of 20 million. This video fed my soul tonight. I’ll certainly be back. Thank you so much!

NewOrleansWoman says:

I love pics of light showing thru trees…reminds me of when I was small at family picnics laying on the ground watching the sun peak thru, wondering what my life would be like…. great photography and beautiful music…love your voice–it’s so soothing…

Sunanda Namaste says:

Thank you for the beautiful pictures from trees and the music.

RadiantGodLight says:

Mesmerising music and song.
5 Stars.
Peace from India Marcome:)

4yn5 says:


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