Running around London with a photo of Michael Aranda’s face turned out to be a pretty good way of speaking to girls. The Balrog Run was born! Michael Aranda – As always WorldOfTheOrange appreciates the Ol‘ Thumbs up! Subscribe! Balrog Run Playlist: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Tumblr: WOTO MMO: NEWMUSIC: ————————— Music by: Rob Barter – Track created for us and owned by us. VideoCoPilot – Royalty Free Music – Purchased by us. Incomputec – Royalty Free Music ————————— Equipment: Canon 5D MKII Rode Stereo Mic After Effects CS5 Premiere CS5 Photoshop CS5 ————————— Tags: „michael aranda“ balrog run girls camden london vlog funny good epic worldoftheorange moremoreorange orange more world of video film funny silly random woto army guys comedy parody Premiere epischen lustige Komödie Parodie Effekte episk rolig komedi parodi effekter epische grappige komedie parodie effecten épiques drôle parodie humour effets

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Molly Conway says:

Because he’s beautiful, that’s why.

WhingingPie says:

-He was my wife. slash husband. 🙂

MasterEliminator says:

It’s funny how at 0:18 on the profile on the left it actually says „Subscribers: 34“.

Anna Scheurer says:

this is too much awesomeness in one video… „Balrog“ from LotR, and two of my favorite youtubers, Michael Aranda & WOTO!

DeathnoteBB says:


Lucy Peters says:

How does everybody know michael? Has he done anything in particular tobe so famous?

Lucy Peters says:

That comment was also posted a year ago!

frozenicecream08 says:

this the video i first clicked and watched when i saw that alex was subscribed to you. . .
but still didnt subscribe until like last week. .
how cruel of me :‘))

SeekerZenn says:

Liam really reminds me of Marty Feldman… with less odd eyes…

319gaga says:

Who is michael aranda? HES ONLY THE AWESOMEST PERSON ALIVE!!!!!

qaz010wsx says:

Then be grateful your Balrog run was successful, now you can call yourself Gandalf or Feanor or other elf-lords. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

pikkupa1 says:


DeathnoteBB says:

@worldoftheorange doesn’t count. you said you would be searching for a demon, not speaking to one.

DeathnoteBB says:

How do all these people know who micheal is? If I went on the street I’d meet everyone saying „nope and don’t care, fuck off.“

DeathnoteBB says:

damn that was nearly a year ago

Stressingisforlosers says:

Brad’s last name is SMITH!? What’s Liam’s last name?! I’ve always wondered why you guys only ever EVER EVER use your first names… 😀

clumsyone92 says:

I love that this video exists.

rebsrebs13 says:

why exactly are the essex girls so amazed to see a PHOTO of michael…. its not like hes actually there.

Lynn nguyen says:

oh ok i see what you got there… you’re pretty famous in UK

Abbas Mohamed Yusoff says:

Arrainda. AHAHAHH

MrFenzyBastard says:

camden street???

Robert James says:


morganXhope says:

aahaha I’m in this video :‘) 3.29 ‚we love Michael aranda!‘ but really..’who IS Michael aranda??‘ pahaa, weloveyoumikey;)

Emily Sires says:

„He’s gorgeous!“  That girl just said what we’re ALLLL thinking. 🙂

cutegalzxxx says:

Come to Dublin! We’ll recognise him and you!

Sami St. John says:

michael aranda <3

doctorWhatWhenHowWHO says:

I’m sure that really helped you figure out who he was.
Since now, as you OBVIOUSLY didn’t know before, you know that his name is Michael Aranda.

Jordan Randall says:

The Group Of Woman Are All Teachers At My School :S

DudeOnFireProduction says:

how cool would it be if you were on tv and saw you were on tv. i’d have an epic episode of jumping on the neatly made sofas, even i had to make the sofas before hand!!! yeah…. bayyye 😀

Bunnyaimee says:

if onlu i was there…i actually knew he he was then xD and its A RANNNN DA not A RAAAN Der hahhahah

Louise Baddeley says:

Fuck me, my sister lives in camden

lewys258 says:

So who is Michael Arander? xD

SuperDrobins says:

fail. at 00:19 it says 0 subscribers, but in the left hand column it says 34. ho well you have 1 more now <3

MegaLamb says:

Why didn’t you include „The Black Mages“ and „Nobuo Uematsu“ under the music credits?

anaismuse says:


heylenahey says:

Essex- Warning! How rude! We’re not all bad aha.

TopFlavouredQuark says:

Epic beard guy is epic.

drponyslayer says:

HOLY FUCK. Final Fantasy 9 music and Camden Market. I don’t think this video can get any better

WorldOfTheOrange says:

- He was a Demon.

DeezyWheezy says:

…pretty sure that old guy was not a member of the opposite sex…

iROTx says:

Amazing tracks you guys used! I love Final Fantasy IX!

friendshipsystem says:


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