DamnVid is a cross-platform application to download and convert videos from your hard drive or from dozens of video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Metacafe, etc. Basically, it’s a video downloader and converter that sucks less. What is DamnVid? A video converter, first and foremost. It makes use of the wonderful FFmpeg library, used in other software like VLC Media Player or Google Chrome. A video downloader. While DamnVid can convert local video files just fine, it can also download video streams from most video sharing websites. But what gives it the edge over other video downloaders and converters is that not only it does both the downloading and the converting, but it does them at the same time: it converts as it downloads, making the whole process much faster. A cross-platform software that sucks less. What isn’t DamnVid? A video editor. While it can do basic things like change the resolution, aspect ratio, or volume of the video, DamnVid is by no means a video editor. A video player. DamnVid never plays anything. A media library. DamnVid organizes its videos into customizable folders, but it stops there. A DVD ripper. A stable program. Seriously. It just sucks less. Everything is relative.

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Potatotechs says:

Nothing happens when i clik the icon.

Potatotechs says:

i downloaded this for linux and did the copy and past to install it ,. The icon shows but when i click it nothing happens .

karmaverb says:

do u think this is by far better than idm? im just woundering it looks so

poli45 says:

This needs more views and exposure. Dvid is so good!

c0decub says:

It’s funny how that Naruto episode came out like a year ago and there’s only been like 30 episodes since then

zzzzzcrapzzzzz says:

Can you choose the download location?

MispaceNoob says:

how come the downloader says failure???

gotbletu says:

theres a ppa on there site, ill post it in the infobox for others also

shahrukhshakira says:

how to install it!

mariosunshinefaan says:

if you want to download videos from adult sites, use DownloadHelper (you need firefox, though). that’s an extension so you have to have the browser open.

treclie says:

Cool video, thank you. This is great for audio but I’m having trouble with video (failure).

xxjoexboixx says:

„Its not a big deal“

gotbletu says:

good timing i started trying arch yesterday

doorknob60 says:

Almost everything 😛 I made tha package though 🙂

gotbletu says:

sounds good, I though the AUR had everything tho =)

doorknob60 says:

Hey cool program, I think I’ll make an Arch AUR package for it 🙂

BadBoyRecords21 says:

🙂 tnx for this great creation

BadBoyRecords21 says:

wow man i been searching for the last 4 hrs for something like this and this is perfect tnxs so much

MichaelJackson119 says:

where did you get cursor

DComs says:

I went to the Damnvid website and tried to install but after i downloaded it i got the following error:

/tmp/damnvid_1.5-1_amd64.deb could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.

Any thoughts?

robacero says:

downloaded but cannot install - any advice?

TheAzzo27 says:

I tried to close the browser, but it didn’t resolve the problem! i tried with firefox and chromium! anyway laoding the whole video seems to resolve the problem…

WindyPower says:

No actually, it doesn’t. However, what might be causing this is that your system only allows one connection to YouTube, which is being used by your browser (to load the video), thus blocking DamnVid from contacting YouTube. So, instead of waiting for the video to finish loading, you could also try closing the browser tab.


TheAzzo27 says:

I found out that the video must be totally loaded to be able to download it. Thanks for this great tool, very hand…cheers

WindyPower says:

Can’t really tell you with so few information. Please submit a bug report (using the Help menu -> Report a bug), including links to the videos that didn’t work. Thanks~

TheAzzo27 says:

hi…i tried damnvid, the thing is that it doesn’t work always!! from 10 videos that i tried to download,just one successfully downloaded! any idea? thnx

gotbletu says:

sure, i will in the future

TechG11 says:

Download this right now

linkmerik says:

Good video gotbletu. Will you be doing a demonstration of ubuntu 10.10 the maverick meerktat. When will a stable release be out.

gotbletu says:

kool ffmpeg with everything i like ur style then loL

dtheoc says:

@ gotbletu lol NO Adult sites…….

brukernavnfettsjit says:

I second that! A vid on your most usefull shortcuts

librano says:

no adult sites lol … deal breaker! haha

WindyPower says:

Hi, I’m the developer of DamnVid. First, thanks for featuring DamnVid 🙂
Just wanted to clarify what you said at the end: you do not need ffmpeg or anything, DamnVid comes with its own bundled ffmpeg binary with all the shiny bells and codecs one can ask for (not sure about the legality of that but meh, I’m not much of a legal guy)…
There’s no adult sites indeed, but I have written a module development guide on DamnVid’s wiki, if you feel like writing a module for one of your favorite sites 😉

hfsjansharr says:

Sa wheat. Just downloaded/installed.Its easier than the ‚youtube-dl‘ commandline downloader.

hfsjansharr says:

Sa wheat. Just downloaded/installed.Its easier than the ‚youtube-dl‘ commandline downloader.

Edric Navarro says:

nice vid

dmplace says:

nice, so many ways to dl vids now a days

cboobtube says:

Having trouble converting to MP3? Try this Open a terminal window and type the following: sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-52
This should install the necessary codecs in order to make ffmpeg work properly

crunchy3neo says:

No adult sites, you say? 😛

fatkasuvayu says:

nice find!

TheMichaelBender says:

awesome!… thanx.. check out my channel!*.]

ronyaldoloco1 says:

this is simuler to the one in my video

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