Here’s a way to download videos from Youtube using Opera 10.50 or newer (should work for any in the 10 line) with NO additional software! It’s quick and dirty.

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elfy99803 says:

DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. When I go to the opera:cache, it doesn’t make them clickable, they’re not blue. I can’t click any of them, which means i cant download.

catholicgamer99 says:

When I go to the cache, the item does not gradually increase in size, even though the video is downloading. As soon as I save the linked content, I cannot do anything with it, even with the suggested software. …help, please?

stuttersomthing says:

hey thanks a bunch but how would i go about getting that youtube video into my itunes? and possibly then on my ipod?

jayjaypen2 says:

Thanks man. From the Czech Republic.

MrMetallica4 says:

thank u a millon tymes man

Adeel Khaliq says:

it does not work

dachigrigolia says:

very good!

legionlad3 says:

really best

Supermejo97 says:

U R the best! TNX! I subscribe! Scuse my bad english, but I’m Italian!

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