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DecidedlyAbnormal says:

oh! I just remembered I have to do that. 

emmaisprettywierd says:

Hi guys! I know nobody likes the person who self advertises on other people’s channels, so this is a little forewarning. If you’re still reading then I’d be incredibly grateful if you could possibly spend a few minutes checking out my channel, where I do vlogs and sketches. I’m only 13 so it’s nothing particularly special but I’m told I sound like a young Hermione! (I’m British) Thank you amazing magical unicorns!! xxx

TacTzords says:

Peeling an orange!

Jeremy Matthews says:

Oh my god I used to do this EVERY TIME I made my bed.

Callum Harris says:

ff7 winning tune… ledge

Babby Babbyson says:

Holy shit man you DOMINATED that bed!
I always get trapped under the first sheet!

jade cox says:

epicify getting dressed in the morning! or making a cake!

SabrinaLuna41 says:

Epicify grocery shopping <3

salamanceownage says:

epicify commenting on youtube =)

aabbccxxyyandzz says:

thats a mighty nice tattoo youve got there trollolol

RangaAndProud says:

Epicfy watching EMT

Cutiebeautyable says:

Epicfy sitting down and watching tv

Eric Reier says:

Is this not how you normally make beds?

johnlennon4ever123 says:

pretty sure its just you

FuzziestLogic says:

lol to rip a pillow out of its case then play the film backwards?

AsionnaLedasha says:

Epicfy: Making a fruit salad

theaccountof says:

brad looks like sully from monsters inc. a bit…or maybe thats just me.

MsBlacksmyth says:

so why is there a sink in your room? EPIC!

msdrakegx says:

1:07 Holy shit. Does anyone understand how hard that is?

kemando12 says:

I wish I had a sink by my bed.

deedevil63 says:

making a bed YOUR BITCH

HumbleOtaku says:

these video really make life more intresting!lolXD like the final fantasy song u did when u won:)

HumbleOtaku says:

these video really make life more intresting!lolXD

xXCOLEXx22 says:

watching some of these videos i wonder what it would be like to be his room mate xD

TheAngryOtaku says:

I fucking died of laughter during the scene where the pillow was being put in the pillow case.

TranquilityTorii says:

No shit

TheParodyPirate says:

don’t do drugs kids

Aaron Wannamaker says:

Thumbs up for FF Victory Whistle!

mischievousgirl15 says:

lol this is so funny 😛

Sam M says:


DarkRaven118666 says:

that’s not epic
i make my bed like that all the time

MechaShredZilla says:

0:56 looks like he was going to Epic Faceplant the sink.

uy3000 says:

Man, making my bed is never that fun =(

louwilson7 says:

what a set of ultimate dooshes

paultheprincess says:

I’m going to assume that’s Brad’s bed, since he seems more comfortable salivating on it than Liam does.

MuchMoreDK says:

Epic fighting moves!

Bordom7771 says:


grizelda1986 says:

As someone who makes beds 15 times a day, 5 days a week, this is awesome! 🙂

darceyisntadoctor says:

I always end up getting lost inside the duvet cover…

FuzzyFilmltd says:

I watched this, and perpetrated an EPIC GET CUP OF WATER.
After that, I needed to EPIC DRY THE FLOOR.

2CSparkie says:

God the camera work/ editing/ ideas is just right. Just epic 😛

ShadowedstarXVictor says:

XD I managed to only snort with laughter…until he whistled the FF victory tune. That made me lose it.

SergeantBalzak says:

world of orange= master of inanimate objects

omarrasouli says:

2 steps from hell music ftw

holmd90 says:

Epic folding clothes
Epic shaving -with double-headed axe 😉 –

Edbrad says:

that cut with his mouth open at the start made me LOL

MyOwnFoolishness says:

Epic Gardening.

Squidichiable says:

Epic buttering of toast/making of breakfast ! <3

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