A little video i made with some of the funniest deaths and comments in the Terraria series by Jesse Cox and Totalbiscuit. Enjoy 🙂 Go support them so they will continue the series. Jesse www.youtube.com Totalbiscuit www.youtube.com

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blondieblue95 says:

„If you want to see TB die…. phone in 58-HAHAHAHA“

skull785 says:


Hilary Holbrook says:

at 7:30 its relly funny

Zurobio says:

10:53 some call him TotalBiscuit……AND SOME…CALL HIM JESUS!

Zurobio says:

1:53 some call him Totalbiscuit……and some…call him jesus

unomanequalsredgrunt says:

well, its been a while since you got any head…

John Lillski says:

4:31 Karma’s a bitch.

VirtualGStorm says:

D’oh! Oh… Uhng.. shit! *Splat*

VirtualGStorm says:

Indeed it is. TB doesn’t normally crack up, but when he does, laughter becomes contagious.

Aelwain says:

No Parkinson’s disease?

IceColdVladimir says:

I love at 8:22 Jesse just changes from thinking it is insanely funny to just: ARGH Dammit!

MrDeadfrog says:

That laugh is THE best laugh ever.

Spanky Justice says:


hakleach says:

jesse’s chuckle at 13:21

superkulgutt says:

11:08 tb has grown a 100% explosive resistance.

Metallica4life1977 says:

love your vid

Ironhammer123 says:


DemonVermin says:

TB didn’t die from the bomb because Jesse’s head was too thick- when i saw that on the comments of that episode i lol’d

Peace Wolf says:

So funny

taothewanderer says:


James Lim says:

‚Oh here, this is yours, have it.‘

‚Ah buh wha- you just threw it down the hellevator. I REGRET NOTHING‘

josipbabok2 says:

„ladies and gentlemen….Jesse found BATS!“ LMFAO!!!

errand777 says:

I’ve had more laughs watching this saga unfold than I have in any other lets play. Unscripted genius!

Jens Mathiesen says:

TB’s laugh makes me laugh as well 😀

josipbabok2 says:

7:30 you’re welcome

obmoder1 says:

7:40 TB is safe by 1 block

hypnotistchicken says:

Ha ha ha I can’t breath

Emre Aktas says:

13:18 I wish TB would have said, the bad news is: I threw a bomb, that will probably arrive soon… xDD

Kaabookie says:

Well damn it, you made me watch this sceries again!!
*whisper* Thank you so much!!

Scadharel says:

Wow, the old castle von jessenstein. It’s been a long time.

Bomber680 says:

they’re still doing the series, they’re just busy….

donbionicle says:

Remember when they updated this series?
Yeah, me neither.

64powered says:

I cried because of this….

DavidNancyTom says:

7:42 is probably the best part in the series

tobyhk97 says:

@CowLunch YES

Masud Hasan says:


Silencerltu says:

Jesse’s laugh at the sky island when he fails with dynamite… best one ever xDDDD

Masud Hasan says:

Translation : You should be calling that one whit the floating island whichever TotalHalibut is bad at using a grappling hook

Saya Blackvoid says:

I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even breathe xD

YaYouKnowMe13 says:


KeyOfCookie says:

you have to kill skeletron. You summon him by talking to the old man at night.

wolfleader9999 says:

holy shit how the hell do you kill dungion guardians because they keep one shoting me while im wereing hallowed armor

JagEterCoola says:

Roses are Red.
Violets are Blue.
I am the Spelling nazi,
No soup for You!

drowmonk says:

He said: „You could call the one with the floating island ‚Totalhalibut is bad at Grappling.'“ That’s translated and with new (better) grammar.

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