All time low doing some weird/funny things xD as always i do not own anything in this video

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Teanna Wilson says:

I can`t even respond to this, them having a reality show is a genius idea but a fucking bad one at the same time.

Answering Alexandria says:

If these guys had their own reality show I would actually watch it

TheRokkstar21 says:

7:44-7:47 LOL Random giberish.I got a girl pregnant. UHH i SERIOUSLY love these guys!

Emma Stark says:


Emma Stark says:


Emma Stark says:

2:50 3:18

angel101heartsJB says:

there just needs to be a video of them in room for 10 minutes of them just talking

Leia Fuller says:

Perfect *.*

Alaina Anderson says:

Lmfao this is seriously my new favorite video ever. Okay.

enimsajH4 says:

when the fuck were they on mtv!!!??? and why was i not informed of it…better yet why did I not see it!!!???? :'(

LEG103 says:

oh my god im dying at Zack he is just ugh. adorable!

Abby Davis says:

what is the vid of jack looking for his phone??? i cant find that one and i want to watch it…XC

Zoey Merrick says:

2:46 did I see Slim Shady

Skye Dawn says:

Lol when he says ‚dad I got a girl pregnant!‘ xD

hailey pullum says:

Love Them.!

callmetoocrazy says:

when jack has the goofy hat on he still has his snap back on, no wonder its stuck on his handsome head.

chexmix29 says:

they look ADORABLE with glasses!

Virginia Jones says:

Time: 6:10
„Constable Jones“
HA! My last neam is Jones<3 That makes me feel special! <3 Hehe...

Tara Kilderry says:

LOLLLL „dad I got a girl pregnant!“

Unicorns5739 says:

„I would change my name to…..uhh…“ -Alex
„Awesome.“ -Jack XD

MirandaDarwin06 says:

I think they all wear glasses. Well I know that Alex, Jack and Zack wear them (or they used to) not sure about Rian though. And why does that even matter to you? they’re still amazing:)

atlloverification says:

jack wears glassess:/

kewlkid182 says:

They should just make a show with All Time Low!! That would be the greatest thing ever!

MUSTangGRAD2011 says:

It’s their Band of the Week ads.

MaddyMeeAtSixx says:

where did you get the video from where jack says ‚dear mom‘ then theres the bit where alex says ‚dear jacks mom‘ ????

MrDrHelloKitty says:

„One lovely couple will get the wedding if a lifetime!“ xD

RachLovesCookies says:

„…pick the left one, cause there’ll be less people!“ „AND WHEN YOU GOT THE PUDDING AND THE POPS AND SHOO-“ „Hey dad, I got a girl pregnant!“

I love those two <3

NiCoLa HaRpIn says:

Love you Alex!!! xxx


……… noises………….

Tai Myers says:

I just adore Zack’s laugh!

linkenpark9 says:

I will fuck the fucking shit out of your fucking face. (;

AllTimeBitch3 says:

8:41-9:03 lol i was doing that with my friends yesterday!

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