— ╔════════════════════════════╗ This is the only code you will need: goo.gl ╚════════════════════════════╝ DOWNLOAD VEVO VIDEOS NOW ***Thanks to kesh4munni for teaching [us] how to download VEVO videos. To download VEVO videos, add the &fmt code to the end of the videos URL at the top before clicking the download bookmark. If you’d like HD, add &fmt=22, for HQ (iPods) type &fmt=18.*** *11:46PM EST, April 29, 2010 – New code available, now works with IE users again. Old and new code still work for all other browsers* *7:14PM EST, April 2, 2010 – NEW CODES ARE HERE. Sad part is that there’s a third party site involved now. There’s no way around it, because YouTube has changed the way you watch videos, it’s complicated. All [you] need to know is that direct download does not work anymore* *4:26PM EST, April 1, 2010 – NEW CODES ARE ON THE WAY, possibly by this week, so please relax everyone* www.blastingvolume.com *9:53PM EST, March 31, 2010 – Ok, as of this moment, no codes are working I’m trying to find an alternative now* *NEW CODES SITE IS GONE, use these custom links to find get them again* *NEW WORKING CODES AVAILABLE BELOW* *UPDATE!!!!!! These codes can now download VEVO videos!!! Make sure you have the owners‘ permission beforehand, or if you’re archiving it for offline viewing only!* *TRY THIS NEW CODE! googlesystem.blogspot.com how to use it, is you bookmark the link about halfway down the page, and then

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iiTzInFeRNaL says:

n der is no stupid codes fagot

iiTzInFeRNaL says:

des is a whole mess.. DISLIKED

Sebastian Cuevas Minotta says:

The duck is in HD

Tformer23 says:

…Sir, I owe you a million and one „Thank You“’s.

Serena Woldf says:

If you searched „video grabber“ in google
No program required
Just enter the url for downloading
That’s just one click thing

codename4747100 says:

the links says forbidden 403 help?

kinghack2 says:

ht tp://movies222.wordpress.c o m

vagi fina says:

Is the free tv link legit cause I went on it and seems all like a virus scam to me.

veldrkil says:

hd is 1000 times better than hq

prince chahal says:

amazing ‚ very helpful ‚

nreomdpkzdh says:


sw3xInferno says:

What Link? …that one, -click- no, that one, -click- no! GOD TOO MANY LINKS!!

devo229 says:

Just grab vid saver browser ad on

aakash bhardwaj says:

This video is the best! !  I wnt more! !

aakash bhardwaj says:

This video is the best! ! I wnt more! !

aakash bhardwaj says:

This video is the best! ! i wnt more! !

AlbanianMason says:

This video is favourite in Albania.. By the way check my channel. 🙂 i’ve got three short videos. Yeahh thumbs up…

Littlemonster717 says:

Annotions everywhere. yeah!

SeGaSaTuRn1994 says:

i hate shitty videos that have music blaring over the top of talking its pointless

Martin4770 says:

Dont work - You should try this – /watch?v=mbecOOWq9LA&feature=related

Bo0siEBo0 says:

xaxaxaxa eides re malaka telika to youtube einai mikro me vrikes tixea xD

ZeelPiki says:

Hahahahahahahah! LOL!
I fucking <3 the comments On YOUTUBE!

Bo0siEBo0 says:

Don’t work anymore 🙁

josepena1127 says:

This video is popular on Canada

TheShineGamers says:

Grrrr I hate people like you who put giant stoplight annotions in the middle of the video so when you try to click pause it goes to a completly different page!!!

redbaron19461676 says:

HEY PEOPLE THE NEW WAY TO GET TO THE YOUTUBE LINK IN HD Is add &hd=1 behind the YouTube url, make sure its a hd vid first, try and thumbs up me so people see it

eweykidd13d says:

This video is a favorite on Australia

XxMaplerzxX says:

Can you download videos in HD if the original video isn’t in HD?

200PoundsOfBeauty says:

The old youtube… „sigh“

linkable663 says:

go here to watch a better and easier way to download youtube videos without any software: /watch?v=eRcAdWJDYBU

MokshMohindra89 says:

EASY,Best way to download youtube videos in Full HD 1080p

MokshMohindra89 says:

EASY,Best way to download youtube videos in Full HD 1080p

MrPacMan36 says:


Like… Like you wouldn’t believe O_o

SebastianGonnaEatYou says:

u fucking like annotations dont u -.-

FlowSoNasty says:


MrPacMan36 says:


The actual codes have been discontinued, the only way now is to copy and paste your links to another site, OR follow my new way by clicking the link in the description.

MetrixCinema says:

Whats the Full HD Code???

MetrixCinema says:

Thanks so much! Now I can download HD videos at school =)

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