It doesn’t get any simpler than this. 🙂

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RolfJB says:

Hi! Thanks a lot for showing this „cruel“ trick!

I will try it out in Windoffs too.

Best wishes

icekool666 says:

Forgot to ask, I have tried doing this for Flash Audio files but don’t see the file in /tmp does this work for Audio?

icekool666 says:

This is one of the best tech vids I have ever seen, the sheer simplicity of what is being done here is just amazing, also quite funny in a way (when you think about what has to be done in Win for example what with apps for downloading & converting etc.).

Love your vids amzer 🙂

CodeFiend says:

Why didn’t I think of that? All this time I’ve been using a Grease Monkey script. Your brilliant!

thedayitriedtodie says:

i’m the „administrator“, don’t even use a password in log in…
„paste“ appears in light grey, can’t figure out why. i think it’s done different in this version.

thanks a lot, any way 🙂

amzertech says:

Make sure you have permission to write to wherever you are trying to paste the video.

thedayitriedtodie says:

it doesn’t let me „paste“, on xubuntu… 🙁

amzertech says:

There are several different ways of doing this. You show an alternative way of doing this. 🙂

UbuntuHelpGuy says:

Well done mate 😀 didnt know you had made one lol. 5/5

amzertech says:

If you download videos from Youtube often then yeah I would definitely bookmark the tmp directory.

Geirunaka says:

aight, thanks! I’ll try it out again and see what happens.

dmplace says:

oh wow never knew that, good tip

amzertech says:

It should have sound. It could be that the media player you are using to view the videos is missing the appropriate sound codecs.

amzertech says:

should be the same quality as the video. If you want the best quality make sure you select hd when loading the video

Geirunaka says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I tried this the video didn’t have any sound. It could’ve just been me though.

TheLifeRuiner says:

haha, that’s really cool
do you know what kind of quality they are though?

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