Want to edit a youtube video in FCP? Here’s how. If you aren’t editing the video, you can just skip the conversion step and drop the video in your presentation, etc…

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John Biddle says:

hi, I have come across your clip on Youtube, found your info interesting, my challenge is that Apple seem to have removed QuickTime player 7, it keeps rerouting me to purchase compressor 4. Any ideas? Also, I think Rebecca Black is great, your comments a little harsh hahahhahha.

Chris Tipton-King says:

This method is no longer supported in newer versions of Safari. Use clipgrab (google it)

kwamegeez says:

same here wtf

StickE10 says:

it was fine the first few times and were MOV filed and then all of the sudden they started becoming FLV files and won’t open in Quicktime.. anything?

StickE10 says:

Yeah I need help with this also, please!

gallegos7788 says:

I’ve made it to 3:09 of the the video. When I drop a FLV file into QT 7 it simply say the file is not a movie file. Any suggestions?

juank de la torre says:

Man thank you a lot, this is really a life saver

2013mps says:

This helped me out a lot. None of the conversions i tried prior worked. Thanks for this.

antoniosoloalvarez says:

I’m so sorry about that @brisci: The link to the video on how to download youtube vids directly from the youtube page is: /watch?v=kNYs_o7zyos Just follow my steps and you should be good to go! Thanx! It also works for OSX Lion! 😉

Brian Ferguson says:

If you are going to offer a better solution you might want to actually put a link to it. I just scrolled through hundreds of your video links and I still did not see what you were talking about. Mr antoniosoloalvarez I really want a solution and the one here did not work for me, but I can’t find yours.

antoniosoloalvarez says:

Thats way to much work.. go to my video for much easier download..

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