******DISCLAIMER****** I have uploaded an update video to show the new website that is just as easy to use, this video is a video response to the updated one. Please watch that if you have any questions. adding „kick“ will no longer bring you to the same site but it should redirect to „save“ youtube which does the same thing. If it doesn’t type „save“ in place of „kick“. hey guys I show you how to download any youtube video without software just by putting „kick“ in front of youtube in the url example before: www.youtube.com After: www.kickyoutube.com

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Adison Jury says:

Go to search „videoripper.me“

It can free download youtube videos with url.

199020mido says:

download free Programs and others from “ kan9aroo.blogspot.com „..

Sharon Li says:

The site is DOWN. Don’t work. Any new trick???

Sheree Carr says:

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Wizzam101 says:


chrisf92001 says:

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KrillinDay59 says:

„This is outdated“.
How stupid are you people?

Winnie ip deng says:

they doesn’t let me go on kickyoutube 🙁

Dylan Cox says:

You are and idiot this didnt freaking work!!!!

Dylan Cox says:


MsDbdbdb says:

this didn’t works for me

EveILL says:

I had the same issue. Using MacBookPro.

arkitect02 says:


invisiblePerson99 says:

lol that was easy thanks

EvenStarMN says:

little julian Assange

EvenStarMN says:

he looks like Assange


i downloaded some vids to itunes, m4, but now when i try to listen, it says that it cannot find the file? what’s up? how do i fix this?

Cha Caboodle says:

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JMe1TAP says:

It does work dont know what these guys are on about thanks

hoz toro says:

Take this Video DOWN !! SPAM

pokefanram95 says:

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iamnumbuh12 says:

got some skype messages there 😀

Vadim Bolun says:

Here is a Better and 100% FREE way to download any video and music with ONLY 1 click:


Replace the * with the dot .

Absolutely Free!

freakyholic1 says:

happen to me

freakyholic1 says:


melissariemer says:

Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple weeks, and it different websites don’t let the video play on my computer. I really appreciate it!

OneManWP says:


MrRifle101 says:


MarksterStudios says:

I download my favorite YT videos because SOPA may pass.

Aman berhane says:

this is the best way to download

lilikins says:

you just blew my mind. AMAZING.

MrMangeli says:

come out of the closet

Rannie Mike says:

i have the same problem.

UnlimitedSloth says:


albulghariyy says:

That was painless

p00n3z says:

/watch?v=wgsjYwncVlM easiest way to dl youtube videos, no programs no nothing, easy easy easy, check it out :)!

nbzdime says:


Kevin Palma says:

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Airepz says:

What did i do to you ?

Kevin Palma says:

comedian u fucking dweeb

s16mathers says:

want to know how to HOW TO: DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS [easy way] ??? ↓

Step 1 – thumbs up

Step 2 – go to my channel


Step 4 – watch the video and ENJOY YOUR ASS OFF!!


live4mac says:

I’ve uploaded an updated video titled „Download Youtube Videos for Free without Software Mac/PC (Updated 2012)“ to show the new website, this video is a video response to the new one, please check it out if you need more help

drikcode says:

a clean and robust way to extract videos : drikcodes.ca/etc/extract-vids/

VictoriaLynnLea17 says:

Thanks! if i had cancelled that by mistake do u no if theres another way to get it back up ive tried random videos and they are all telling me the same thing!!

live4mac says:

I think I see what you are talking about, you shouldn’t have to submit your email except to report a bug which is unnecessary. the save youtube is the correct webpage though, this video was made over 2 years ago so its changed since then, I’m about to release an updated version in a few days though. When you first go to the page it should ask you to run an applet and you need to click run or ok. It should then allow you to download the video. Hope it helps

VictoriaLynnLea17 says:

i typed in kickyoutube and it changed to save! but it doesn’t look any thing like that page and it keeps telling me that a problem has occurred and wants me to send my email info! has anyone else had this problem!!? im afraid it might not be safe!? any body no if it is!? or what to do!?? Please HELLLLPPPPP!!!!!! =(

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