*WARNING!* READ THE DESCRIPTION IT IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!! This is the tutorial on how to download youtube videos onto your iphone or itouch for free *without* jailbreaking!!! Okay, I finally, after a really long time, found a good replacement app It’s is: „Video Downloader Pro Lite“ by DreamDevLasers It’s FREE go download it here itunes.apple.com Enjoy! Ciara todlovescheese

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todlovescheese says:

That was just filmed on the built in camera on the MacBook Pro

findingmemeemo says:

What camera are you using

allyson cespedes says:

u suck.

dragon slayer says:

u look hot

Prince Ronaldo says:

cutie I watched it cause of u hahaha 😛


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Pate summanniemi says:

ill help you!
right click – stop download

Saleh Ayman says:

L want to do sexy with you you have so butifull ass

LushAtLarge says:

@TheXpertnoob That would make two of us #long sigh of relief#

diego meza says:

You are so beuatif

Mazu Py says:

Alex you creep… dafuq

alex farres says:

Nice smile your dentist must be happy

Kit Yinn says:

SO which is the app that you replaced?

EricCopani says:

This video was uploaded on the same day That she got caught…..

iPhone4Master says:

I found a way to install free movies! Use the same download manager lite app from appstore then open the app and go to (w w w. thebigu.info). Download movies and enjoy!!!

silenthunter2007 says:

Hey cute smile .. Thanks for watching… 🙂 by the thanks for the video. 😉

78833368321 says:

i watched this video just for the girl ! 😀

Alex Lopez says:

i feel that videotube is more better :

Charlie Thomson says:

Hi i want to say TQ for making this video for us who watch and subscribe and you so cute… 🙂

xaxxox says:

Will you be able to view the video from the Gallery? Most of the apps let you view it from the app itself and you cant really share it with someone if you want. I’m looking for something like keepvid(.)com which could download it to my gallery. any ideas?

TheXpertnoob says:

Why do I get the feeling that I’m the only one who came here for the information on how to put videos on my iPod?

izuna303 says:

ill try it see if it works thanks for the app dementration

guedanil says:

thumbs up!!
super cute

LMFAO1688 says:

Mary me !!!


your so pretty:))

BraveGamingAustralia says:

Kira here lol!!

amir85my says:

I cant found this app.was it existed or hv been not?

myiphonejailbreaks says:

cool video however this method is better used to download movies from „w w w. thebigu.info“ instead. I already downloaded the movie Red Dawn and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Prt 2.

samantha evans says:


sahail SANDHU says:

U r damm hot sweat heart

shakejuntpaul says:

Finally we have hot girls doing iPod stuff on here

Anima King says:

Dam girl it’s a sin to look that good. I hade to watch the video 2twice cause the first time I only noticed u

Alex Morales says:

Great!! plus (Your look beautiful :))

marsmom1972 says:

Your hot & $mart

Kevensito Bonilla says:


myiphonejailbreaks says:

Hey I found a way to download over 10,000 movies directly on any apple idevice. If you go to appstore install Download Manager Lite then from that app go to imoviesapp,com and enjoy all those movies. You must visit from mobile device cause it don’t work otherwise.

marsmom1972 says:

U hot

yourmom1387 says:

What kingjson said 😀

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