How to download videos on ubuntu linux. 1.Open firefox 2.Go to youtube and go to the video you want to download. 3.Select the highest quality 4.Letter video buffer all the way through. Don’t click off this page and don’t close firefox. 5.With firefox still open open nautilus and go to /tmp 6.There will be a file there called flash(random stuff) copy that to your desktop/homefolder and rename it 7.You now have the video. For more info visit

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Armand van den Heever says:

does not work on 10.04 LTS either

Robert Lampert says:

Doesnt work for ubuntu 12.10

Paul Dominguez says:

Use Software manager to download youtube-dl. I tried downloading via the terminal. It would download the package; however, it would not work on Linux Mint 14. Any case, than just type on the terminal the following:
youtube-dl „LINK“
Just replace what is in the quotes with the URL you want but make sure the quotation marks are before and after the URL.

MrMacaoidh says:

Doesn’t work on 12.10 ???

Skyle18 says:

sorry if this is a stupid question (new to Ubuntu) but would a program like YTD video downloader work on on ubuntu?

mghvge says:

this worked a few years a go

Mohammed Nuflan says:

Well i did not find anthing in timp in latest version of ubuntu

Don David Alegria says:

That solution is quark! in 12.04 youtube-dl is in the repos!
Open a Terminal and type:

sudo -s
apt-get install youtube-dl
youtube-dl -U

cd Videos
youtube-dl youtubecom/watchxyz42

Libor Havlík says:

youtube makes changes that’s why you sometimes need to update youtube-dl
try this:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

BJClarkful says:

It just says unable to download video

Nikola Maksimović says:

ty m8, works great under lubuntu 12.04 !!!

espertalhao041 says:

doesn’t work in puppy linux 4.3.1 (debian compatible distro)

Libor Havlík says:

go to your terminal and type: info youtube-dl
there you’ll see how to specify video format. it has a direct impact on video size.

Libor Havlík says:

what do you mean? are you asking how to install programs from terminal?

Jason Cardoz says:

what is the code for it?

Just1Spark says:

ubuntu 11.04 = Doesnt work.

Libor Havlík says:

all you need is
1. go to terminal,
2. install youtube-dl and then
3. type youtube-dl $YOUR_DESIRED_VIDEO_ADDRESS

cowswirl says:

On Linux Mint 13 MATE, I found my Youtube video in /home/myusername/.mozilla/firefox/mwac0hks.default/Cache/6/95/

elucidative says:

me too

Angel051094 says:

dont works

Garrett Thomas says:

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 and the video is not in the /tmp directory. Do you know where it is in 12.04?

Dynose says:

it’s like explorer for windows lol

mehrcat1 says:

…and you are ignorant!

vag ov says:

doesnt work..

Dynose says:

you’re in deep shit if you don’t know what nautilus is…

Droppler525 says:

Works well if able to select HD. Doesn’t seem to work otherwise. What am I not doing correctly?

alishah4130 says:


otherlleft says:

If you make an update for this (and I hope you do), put the Ubuntu release in the title, would you? Thanks!

foebos1001 says:

stupid damn it.. i wasted my time buffering this fck video of urs which doesnt even work.

1998aki says:

it doesnt workk!!!!

visiras says:


jtgdyt2 says:

Does not work with Firefox.
However it does work with Opera. Just look in the ~/.opera/cache directory.

ArnorroKid says:

Doesn’t work in linux, it just shows some random pictures and if you click on it, nothing happens…

KingCuba0731 says:

Doesnt work for ubuntu 11.10

PurPleNanoshka says:

there’s no such file name in tmp

HikariKouno21 says:


SharecashFUN says:

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74ryanwolf says:

Nautilus is the fiile manager. Open home folder in the unity launcher (icons on the left) and click on file system on the right sidebar. Then follow the directions he states.

534sen says:

I’ve got a „mozilla-meda-cache“ folder in my temp, but it’s empty :/

I’m going to check it out with chrome, but does anybody know the extensions of html5 videos?

( sudo find / -name „*extension“ -exec cp {} /home/user/… )

plesework says:

yeah help help and me

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