How to download pretty much anything a webpage shows you, using Safari, including embedded video

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bonklers1527 says:

how about downloading videos from Facebook?
do you know how?

tara mohammed says:

the „activity“ button is no showing
n nothin happen when i press command + option + A

dakota dingler says:

Wow youtube has changed allot these past years.

bparchdesign says:

on my channel there is the answer 😉

jeffburnsX says:

how do you download video’s on safari 5.0.1 ????

csprokid1 says:

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this is convoluted and fucking obtuse. this is why apple blows.

ishoei595 says:

::any ideas for safari 6?… the Activity applet has moved else where…

danielise13 says:

i’ve hit the option key, held it down, and double clicked and still nothing. ):

preevin27 says:

its not working anymore for me…it used to but not anymore. why ??? 🙁

skotrhythm1 says:

yes! Hit the „option“ key when double clicking and it works a charm! Thanks

Ste Cap says:

*Updated link*

Use this one below: „youtubeonlinevideoconverter . com“

Works like a charm!

seinfeldfan7898 says:

I’m using v10.1, and there still isn’t an „Open URL“ option

IrishCat04 says:

update: ok it seems to but not working only for youtube videos…with others it works perfectly…this is weird right?!

IrishCat04 says:

Hi! I have I huge problem….I have been using this method for over a year now and it always works marvelously…now since of last week or so…it wont work anymore….I use to see the download happen on the activity bar…click on it and bam! but now all it does is reload the video.
Please help!!
Thank u ….

thegreatMSG says:

Hey good news.. I just tried this method with HD videos and it still works! (only for HD videos) because in standard video YT the video seem to be splitting the video files into several links/segments but HD video still load as one link. =D

thegreatMSG says:

Yes currently it does not work.. however I believe that this method will surely able to work again in the future after YT made further changers..

Rameez Raja says:

how to download a HD vdo ??

LDrAgOnIsXF says:

Wow, I didn’t know youtube looked like that! Wow thats zoo old! O.O

madijazz2 says:


rosrann says:

just use „youtubeonlinevideoconverter . c om“
it’s free and awesome!

MingRoseC says:

Is there a way to do this by going through the pages „source“ in Google Chrome?

BigAgitator says:

thank you much!

benforshay1 says:

Option-Double Click!

PhillipJohns821 says:

Thanks for that. I thought I’d have to download a program like when I was using a Windows PC. Mine put the .flv extension straight onto it.

gtarszzz says:

what about videos that have multiple qualities?? how do u get HD? would it be the biggest file still? i tried n i didn’t get the best one. :/

linkable663 says:

go here to watch a better and easier way to download youtube videos without any software: /watch?v=eRcAdWJDYBU

MrAnelight says:

Thanks – that works for me. Good advice. 

MayaandNatforever says:

i used to do this all the time, but now it doesn’t work anymore D:

wuma1953 says:

You can also download by just adding the word ‚want‘ (ie: …….. -> …ww.wantyoutube…)

camilosae says:

icant get the .swf file, the activity window download a .html file… what can i do? thanks!!

Jeff Korhorn says:

False. This doesn’t work for me anymore on my Safari for my Mac.

johnLSU says:

Just hold Option(ALT) and double click on the biggest file on Activity window. This video is old. Safari has changed its ways…

7vSam7 says:

awwww look at the old youtube

SuperGoldenGlory2001 says:

okay thank u!:)

crescent87 says:

I’ve got QT Ver 10.0
But as I said on my second comment it’s best to hold Option key while double clicking the largest file. Simply much quicker.

SuperGoldenGlory2001 says:

please tell me what version u have cuz when i do this it says this is not a URL that QT Understands

rkukentertainment says:

Tip: Hold Option key at the same time as double clicking, that will just download the file, rather than opening it in a new window. Many YouTube videos are mp4 so play in a new browser window when you double click them, holding Option (or Alt dep on keyboard) simply downloads the file.

DrBusma says:

im using mac.. when i double klik , a new window opens . wht to do?


Thanks very much!! I’m a new Mac user and it helped me a lot 🙂

princeoftennischibis says:

when i opened the url this box pops up saying tht its not valid…

TheMUSEism says:

use MPEG-Streamclip to convert them to .mov as .flv is not very good with Final Cut Pro.

Sachtardy says:

bravo bravo.

adalinenaplesmnk says:

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mixtecalinda says:

help, i did exactly what you said, but it send me to a html page do not download!
do i need something else besides safari?

BoxedNinja says:

Macs can get viruses, it’s just a lot less likely and Macs have better security.

crosby87871 says:

thx this helped!!

tubeexpike says:

 Macs d’ont get viruses

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