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Andere Anleitung finden?
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LetThatPonyRun says:

Wait but Brad looks exactly like Chris Drama Pfaff from MTV

HeroinRemix says:

Liam looks like a space bear… IN SPACE!!!

gem042 says:

He looks like Gotye!

Aslan Aqua says:

Liam looks like a creeper in minecraft.

harrison98x says:

liam looks a bit like scott pilgrim xx

iama baconhawk says:

I think Liam is hotter than a car:3

ImogensImagination18 says:

@sugaplumsunshine yes! Yes, and I totally saw that within the first minute of this video I thought he looked like a white Abed!

ImogensImagination18 says:

Liam kind of (with the right facial expression) looks like Arthur Darvill! And yes definitely the turtle from Finding Nemo too

Mai Anderson says:

you forgot the turtle from finding nemo

dancemagicdance100 says:

Both brad and Liams impressions of the lizard were so beautiful..

Georgia C. says:

3:16 Liam’s impression is hilarious! :D

Munny603 says:

Those are professional Sopio gloves.

ellielovesbluetack says:

He doesn’t really look like Taylor, Taylor’s blonde….

Sayaka Ito says:

that little stamp means “ little stares“ in Japanese.. stares are…. square, aren’t they?!

sugaplumsunshine says:

he looks like white abed!!!

TheM3nWithHats says:

Brad however looks like the drummer from foo fighters but with shorter hair.

inglep0p says:

Liam looks like Elijah Wood.

kezprice says:

I’ve met Bear Grylls. I showed him a picture of Liam and told him that he looked like him. He just laughed.

maddzyXP says:

Liam looks like a fish on helium

Naima Zaheer says:

Liam you look like a cross between that bird and bear grylls lol

Simeon Costello says:

The Beatle looks like Liam when he is doing cat face

rentheaaddx3 says:

liam looks like david from the bachelorette! (emily’s season)

Katia Martinez says:

This will never get old

abigail ballinger says:

Or you can follow Danny!

SaffronStories says:

This is the best thing ever.Such a mental idea.

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