funny clips from the ‚life on the murder scene‘ dvd

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Katie Craig says:

lol I love the last clip!

Jennafer H says:


RayGunVision says:

„Look at that sexy beast…. Its bob bryar.“

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:


Samantha Normile says:

Lucky Ray! Lol

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:

i’m kinda thinking it’s ray…

Samantha Normile says:

idk! D: <3

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:

no,it was from his front.
IKR!why does his sexiness taunt us?

Samantha Normile says:

it might’ve been frankie, he was behind him and it looks like it came from between his legs. 😛
Grrrr Jealousy xD

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:

yeah 🙂
but i know it wasn’t frankie (behind him) and mikey wouldn’t go there.i really want to know,though.

Samantha Normile says:

you as jealous as i am?? Lol jk….kinda 😛

sonicfan1st says:

2:43 Ooh Zing!

Lainyboo422 says:

This sh*t is easy peasy pumpkin peasy. Pumpkin pie motherf***er!!!!! Lol, I love you, Gerard ❤❤❤

CrystalShirayuki says:

Frankie in the coffin!! <3 I love him~

karen lopez says:

-me prometieron dulces y gansitos y muchas cosas y….no me dieron nada!!!
-helena….el enano!
los que hablan español me entenderan xD

Alice Goodlett says:

Gerard’s laugh is so cute. o-o

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:

3:06 and thus,Bobkey was born!

ZakBaganslover4ever9 says:

who grabbed gerard’s crotch at 1:42 ?

MelWayIeroToroMCR says:


Frankita Beltran says:

Funny moments MCR
Great !

tyler way says:

I don’t think bob likes being filmed…

Amber Nelson says:

3:00 Nooo what about gerard?!?!?!?!??!?!? D:

Spitelcread11s says:

2:36 – 2:45 oh yeah frank u look like zacky v from a7x u know u guys look alike

missdeviantgg says:

Did anybody else notic Frank throwing something for a split second at 2:02?? Lol

Matawanhuskiez says:

damn franks short!

Harley091594 says:

I love how it cuts from Ray sticking his hand in a cupcake to Gerard talking about his fucking face. Definitely my favorite moments!

GreenDayFanGirl24 says:

4:30 – Bob vs the Cameras (I miss him… :c)

KilljoyMCR47 says:

@KilljoyMCR47 I meant fan, so stupid touch screens!!!!

KilljoyMCR47 says:

@kristien2010 I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! My friends think I’m obsessed, but I’m just a very devoted fanI guess

RawwrItsKat says:

what is actually the reson? :c

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