Volks Rod Hotrod RRC

Andere Anleitung finden?
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WWFstunna13 says:

what kind of engine and mufflers is this running?

WWFstunna13 says:

exhaust?? lol sounds bitchen!!!!

Cenga Danjel says:

shume e bukure e perkryer.

TheHaschiiee says:

ich würds kaufen bite bau mir so eins xD

johnnnyreb51 says:

Cars cool, misic I don’t like.

watraca says:

was fur ein motor hat ?

tzedekyahu says:

also known as „the monkey song“. at least, it is around my house.

erlomd says:

why? and dont say cause you can!
i think your efforts and talents should not be wasted this way.

Philipp Balke says:

Ich bin kein großer Fan von Hot Rods, aber das Ding ist geil! 🙂

mutato192 says:

Very nice.

DJFabioAkaFabian says:

2:34 „Die Hotrotz die so fahren auf Drecks tripps“ Ich hab mich so abgelacht 😀

MrTonimontana69 says:

Geile Sache das!!!

humannix says:

This is the RFACTOR openning song too !!

Pardaco says:


elbinar says:

wings meaning fenders?

aespinosa72 says:

FELICIDADES es un capricho perfecto

jinxym says:

in the uk no wings = flashing blue lights 🙁

thiagokaktus says:

Simplesmente fantástico. Belissimo VolksRod. Parabéns.

ELINDOOR510 says:

oh si? en ke parte de mexico vives para no ir! hahaha

labofetiadadedios says:

considerando el estado las carreteras y nuestro poco respeto por el resto de los conductores, y sobre todo por el vehiculo que llevas, me parece peligroso salir. te lo digo por experiencia

ELINDOOR510 says:

porke no se puede o ke?

pixelgarage2008 says:

The song is „Down With The Sickness“ by Disturbed.
Cheers, Wikinger

theProdigy86 says:

„Freie Fahrt für freie Bürger!“ LOOOOOOOL

MrTomeTV says:

in Österreich würde man nie eine straßenzulassung dafür bekommen. scheiss österreich.

MrSeeeb says:

name of this band is Disturbed but I don’t know what name is song

tmccread says:

down with the sickness, disturbed

labofetiadadedios says:

chido, chido chido. ojala se pudiera tener algo asi para las carreteras de mexico

fg2cfl says:

espectacular brother!!!!!!

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