Liam, Brad and Bing from Slomozovo read from an old book…at no point are they drunk during this. Nope. Not At All. T-SHIRTS/HOODYS: BING: As always WorldOfTheOrange appreciates the Ol‘ Thumbs up! Subscribe! BRAD’S TWITTER: LIAM’S TWITTER: Our Main Channel: FACEBOOK: Tumblr: MMO WOTO NEW MUSIC: BLOGTV: ————————— Equipment: Canon 5D MKII Rode Stereo Mic After Effects CS5 Premiere CS5 Photoshop CS5 ————————— Tags: slomozovo woto worldoftheorange moremoreorange book read old video film funny silly random woto army guys comedy parody VFX special effects CGI Premiere After Effects epischen lustige Komödie Parodie Effekte episk rolig komedi parodi effekter epische grappige komedie parodie effecten épiques drôle parodie humour effets

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musicismyboyfriend38 says:

Honestly watching this video was the best decision I made all day.

ellieisaturtle says:

le me during my physics presentation in front of class + teacher 😀

AnnieAmy98 says:

I think I need that book

TheMimileigh says:

Look at description. Nothing suspicious here.

ackar12 says:

No alcohol my arse.

Frostofthecwsw says:

OMFG a REAL, genuine spit-take :3

Lizzie Evans says:

Completely forgot that this was also Past Bing from a couple of days ago 🙂

SarahStumbleine says:

Just watched The Past Bing for this and I had to rewatch this video again.

lauraevelynwall says:

‚there’s so many stains on this bed already’ 😉

PleaseStabTwilight says:

I want to get drunk with these three. ESPECIALLY BING.

Kit Tennant says:

I’m starting to get the feeling they’re talking about sex……just a hunch

daddude120000 says:

and i was like, i dont even have a cock.

Sana Ai says:

@tjswped w yep. all are saying its a fake news when they see at first time. And, even my colleagues used to make dime well weekly doing some small works and watching funny stuffs. i found it here =>

Hellvvvvoh says:

I bet the next morning was no where near as fun. 😉

wiseman2131 says:

Can’t wait to see the Past Bing for this.

uuhhmmkyla says:

Liam Looks Like Stuff….Bing’s Shirt Edition

Chloe Theo says:

I love this video with the entire of my piston seizure.

DancingWithSugaryTea says:

„and i was like, i dont even have a cock…“ crying with laughter x

iama baconhawk says:

Bing is so cute, in this video!
and I thought Brad was wearing a sock cut in half on his arm:L

DancingWithSugaryTea says:

7:26 actually crying aha x

Cady Conley says:


Cady Conley says:

They were sooooo freaking PLASTERED

squwerty says:

You have to play innuendo bingo to this! XD

Anisha1405 says:

Brad’s laugh is lovely. His smile is so wideeeeee and dimples. awwww.

Hannah Smith says:


Hannah Smith says:


Dwalt984 says:

I haven’t heard Bing laugh like that since he met „Talking Carl“ 😀

Nessiechan says:

„Jeff Goldblum… the black one“

I had to pause the video and roll about my bed laughing for about five minutes for that one xD

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