Breathe from Seven Seas ♥ I once was hiking in the Washington Mountains. When I reached the top, I was astonished. A thin layer of clouds was floating, surrounding me in a timeless silence; I stared at infinity and breathed deeply the divine natural energy… Tks for your visit, let me wish you a happy next hour, Marcomé ♥ Discover Marcome’s Ambient new age world of music at Discover Truus beautiful visual artworks at My gratitude to Truus ♥ ✵ Musica gratis ✵ Kostenlos musik downloaden ✵ 音楽 ダウンロード

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jeff23on says:

Omg this kind of music rules!!

jeff23on says:

Man marcome is amazing!! Her music makes me realize more about me

gbbeauty says:

Angelic  >:D<

GoodWhispers says:

This was simply lovely thank you so much faved

GoodWhispers says:

This video came up in my recommended videos I am glad i listen to it… it’s faved!

gisltome says:

Wonderful music, a calling to remembrance, a gathering of hearts finding its scatter self. Thank you Marcome for your enlightened presence amongst us.

Ericksantana6 says:

Wonderful song for peace and meditation!
Celestial voices of beautiful singer Marcomé! Love is! ♥ ♥ ♥

Laurentziu Rosu says:

Amazing beautiful music !

coman4ero says:

Let There & Everywhere Be Light !
Peace, Love & Rainbows !
A Lot of SUN & Smiles !
Upon You, to All & Be Forever !
( : – )

kiwirobin says:


Zrnho Correy says:

Wow! Marcome, this is absolutely amazing so beautiful!!
you are a god send. thanks my friend!

frederickforlife says:

A Galaxy of Stars Marcome, its stunning =]

juggaloshane420 says:

WOW this was amazing

LaurentziuRo says:

Great music.
Thank you for sharing

AngelLadyPenny says:

I love this video. You are fantastic. From Angel Lady Penny

bclifecoach says:

simply amazing and beautiful ! Marcome must be an angel sent from above …

aerostockians says:

Spiritual with appealing images.*****

sylvie13150 says:

hi , thank you for sharing dear friend WONDERFUL …********
congratulations !!
have e great week

gresiu7 says:

IThat was reaLLY greaT******* aLL the waY fromAMSTERDAm greaT ImageS Go so weLL with perfecT sounD chEErs fromAMSTERDAM cuLture suCCes

Granualt says:

Spiritual …

NewOrleansWoman says:

I bet that was the clouds…
music takes you there..

zener30 says:

5 stars Marcome, beautiful!

Rab Adamson says:

Captivatingly beautiful :-)))))

xyzkerry says:

I found your music and videos by chance - I’m very pleased that I did – totally amazing!

4yn5 says:

Voz maravilhosa.

bclifecoach says:


Roobert33 says:

Dear Marcomè, so after you‘ ve returned with a beautiful video, very very Sensual and Romantic ……. 5 / 5 ***** Kiss!

dcsterlin says:

I agree, Marcome music is refreshing. especially in this age where the actual beauty in music has been stripped.

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