Song: Stick Around – Ariana Grande & Graham Phillips Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Platinum I don’t own anything. — I have never heard about these two, and this is the first time I have listened to one of their songs…it only took me a couple of seconds to get me hooked! 😀 Free download: Enjoy! 😀 — Just a *comment* & *suggestion*. *Friends* to chat to or *subscribers* to brag over would make my day… [; xoxo, Jane „)

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lina12fofa says:


AlyssaShouse524Rocks says:

I findthis sooo cute :3 oh my god. They recorded this when they were going out!!!! So they were singing like about each other. OH GOD.

ohitshope says:


elizahB1523 says:

I just gotta stick around to this song

yamyamlover Xyooj says:

This is a really good song!

Meika Melendez says:

Love this song ♥

Claire Peralta says:


Anjelyn123 says:

This is awesome!!

purplestarlight4ever says:

Graham & Ariana actually record this together?! Omg! This is an awesome song!!!

missmoanalot says:

In Luv With This Song.

missselenajustice says:

4 people didnt „stick around“ for the whole song!

jbiebs1999 says:

i luv how ariana is country in this song thumbs up if u like this too

rosella noir says:

Luv it adorable!!!!

stargurrl88 says:

I should really show 4 people how to NOT miss the like button

liridonaable says:

Love it!! awesome duo…finally ariana sharing her beautiful,unique,cute,strong voice!! so cool!!

sunnyrocks99 says:

if i was a song this song would probably be my boyfriend!!!!!! MARRY ME! I FUCKING LOVE THIS SOOOOOOOONG.

Mohammed Moniruzzaman says:


iluvtaylorswift1231 says:

AMAZING song!!!! 

kimhiromi16 says:

And you also broke the shift key.

Sophia Nicholas says:

if you use cha cha then ask did arian grande and Graham phillps date

nickanddisneyshows1 says:

How do u know that?

Sophia Nicholas says:

they dated but had to break up

thecandashow01 says:

Not the button, the bar… You can’t see any of the red from dislikes…

Liberty Laferriere says:

She has one. She’s working on her debut stuff right now, according to twitter 🙂

LindseyRafikiLove says:

 and clearly your keyboard. <3

EmmasTalents says:

not surprised there are only three dislikers. this rocks!

oliviabby7 says:

thumbs up if you think Ariana needs a recording contract! (:

crkasocool198311 says:

@musiccrazy666 …. i can see the dislike bar, its just impossible for me to push it(:

MaddieJayneMusic says:


crkasocool198311 says:

I have to say that when i first heard this song, i loved it, two seconds into it. Hes amazing, shes amazing. Okay, so ariana has been my role model based on her singing abilities since day one. I will always love both of them and thumbs up if u agree!! I lovelovelove u!!!!!!!!!! -3 (:

jbieberlover166 says:

love it#

nickanddisneyshows1 says:

They were BEST FRIENDS during the making of 13,and if you look at some pics of them together,you can tell Graham likes Ari.They’ve kept in touch ever since 13.I think they would make an amazing couple.

memyselfandi962 says:

Say Selena Gomes 10 times clap 10 times post this to 2 videos see what happens to your voice!

Supahstar515 says:

I love this song!!

musiccrazy666 says:

Thumbs up if you can’t see the dislike bar ;D xx

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