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Andere Anleitung finden?
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Peter Johnson says:


annaresnick says:


TWTimeWarp1 says:

Are they going glasto this year xxx any one know

Raincloudsmakemesad says:

Oh what a shame.

karishdish says:

Haha. The sad part is that I can’t even blame this on alcohol or drugs. But this is the truth.

Raincloudsmakemesad says:


Raincloudsmakemesad says:

Are you really a fluffy poodle?!?

Wolfinsomnia says:

the jesus guy looks like chong

karishdish says:

Before I found this channel, I was missing all my limbs. When I found it, my limbs somehow magically grew back! :O Yep. True story. Or not. But you will never know. Until you figure out that I have no limbs. ohhhh.

MLPGeorge says:

I fucking died at the frog in your throat bit.

msilvai says:

I love when they laugh together, you can really see that they enjoy and have fun doing this videos 🙂

alex dawson says:

what was the story!?!!

heyitsphilosophie says:

Best. Channel. EVER.

ilurvestuff says:

Someone could tweet the video then it would be on Twitter

ilurvestuff says:

Did anyone else see the pic of Susan boil

uiruu says:

Some WOTO Photos.

megzprus1 says:

Noel Fielding. Brad. You remind me SO MUCH of Noel Fielding.

betha lucas says:

both of their laughs are brilliant.

kaylee van says:

niceee.. love yaa

misszotee says:

jesus? really? What , what did u say when u met dave grohl ???

SiindaaayBayBay says:

it’s your fave cause it’s that final fantasy thingy (from 7?) and you LOVE FINAL FANTASY!

BulletThroughMyHeart says:

Because it’s the Final Fantasy VII logo =]

Katamerina says:

Because it; looks like a whale.

MsEmmyD says:

You have already tweeted the picture of Liam and Jesus a while agoxD

jeffshawn69 says:

1:39 & 7:13 scary

thechosenon360 says:

Susanne boil 1:39

babyloubee says:

Final Fantasy

Kris10Lovely says:

the one dislike is from Aly

gingergiggles says:

It looks like a saiyan ship :D

MsEmmyD says:

Liam’s laugh at 4:30 is amazing :3

ElephantCrackle says:

a cuckold is a man whose wife has cheated on him, old Shakespearean language 🙂

MsEmmyD says:

‚Why are you cupping your boob?‘ Made me laugh so so much xD

Alice Rudwick says:

Brad looks like Dave Grohl.

and I’m in love…

sanifobnar says:

you guys are so funny.

chromedy says:

You like the t-shirt because you like final fantasy

speakupbrittany says:

Jesus was playing the flat face game!

Courtney Snook says:

a cuckold is a man whose been cheated on by his female partner. handy!

Frederikthegreat77 says:

this IS the best channel and I AM HAPPY I subscribed

Emily Cork says:

Liams laugh -3

yasmine21957 says:

Jesus looks like he was playing a game of flat face!!!

JeMappelleHannah says:

1:39 susan boyle!!!

mycreativityrules says:


chloe crocker says:


britticus1232 says:

it would still be funny

pszeminanai says:

Liam’s laughter is so contagious

TheHannah641 says:

i thought this was going to be like smash or pass.

Sarah Roberts says:

ur tshirt was the backround logo for final fantasy 7 and i am so jealous i would be sad if some1 stole that as well where did u get it? 🙁

pkConda says:

you should visit fan twitters and do this 😛 ‚retweet or… ignore’

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