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gateopenope says:

can you help me out what soft ware do you use to up scale youtube videos

elevenshawn11 says:

Hey, bro. Type Video Download Capture in Google and search it.
This tool can download HD YouTube videos! Enjoy.

fhxfhx says:

Hi, can’t find any About & More for the video … where do I need to look . office@onefh.com

Kahramantv says:

actually this site is a spam. You can’t download unless you give all your personal information to third parties-
Your information will probably be hacked if you follow the steps on this site.

Sneak Suit says:


Jacob Wheeler says:

Chuck Norris watches in 1000000p

chipotleaway1 says:

its a fucking virus Penisgrant

pdad1970 says:

Spam Shit – dont visit that crap site!

realOjive says:

NOD32 reacted on the URL. There is a virus on the site. HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus.

PerkinsGrant says:

New way of downloading videos in HD, directly from Youtube.

URL: yootoobee․­com

RalphTang says:

guy’s voice sounds like the one used for „congratulations, you’ve won!“

pearl2k11 says:

240p we meet again.. IN A FUCKING HQ TUTORIAL

quittix3 says:

You can now download MP4 from keepvid from a link… easy

iCreatiive says:

too much stuff yu have to do :/

Gina Hou says:

You can also download by just adding the word ‚want‘ (ie: ‚….ww.youtube…..‘ -> ‚…ww.wantyoutube…‘)

MusicCentreal says:

lol, nice try

JBsecrets2011 says:

nice one dude,thanks

vdjpro says:

Majority of this videos are out-dated,they no longer work. For me, I always use hd mass downloader from yvideodownloader. Grabs url,downloads hd 10s+ videos with just one single click.


trustfire says:

it’s Rihanna 😉

radionix02 says:

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isirindu says:

Many Thanks …I Highly Appriciated……..

jamestargetedindiv says:

Closely listen to an Inception dvd made before the January 8thTucson shooting, especially around, „‚Do It.“

Worldatwarwhore says:

LOL „click the info bar to the right.“ I miss 2008…

chaomaster56 says:

To Download a YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER which isn’t a trial version click my name and go to my video. DOWNLOAD LINK IS IN THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION !


lokaa1218 says:

Good video, but if you had a Mac you wouldnt have had to do all the download manager stuff. I pasted the link, hit enter, and the download started automatically

mrelasticband says:

New way of downloading Music and Videos directly from Youtube!

Website URL: yootoobee․com

NUMB3R441 says:

videoiso(DOT)org for movies music and tv guys

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